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    Boilcoil Step Mashing?

    Title pretty much says it all - I’m considering a 10-15 gallon eBIAB setup with the BoilCoil, but Blichmann says it should not be used for step mashing, which I’d like to be able to do. Anyone have experience in this arena? Thx
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    Yeast Fermenting Sucrose Slowly

    Title pretty much says it all - I had the idea to purge a dry hop keg using a simple table sugar solution (4.5 lbs of table sugar, plus 4 oz of DME) mixed with 5 gallons of distilled water. I added a packet of S05 to the fermenter on Tuesday...and it is still chugging along, quite slowly...
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    Fermentation Timeline Dilemma

    So I got over eager to brew, and didn't pay attention to the calendar. Brewed an NEIPA this past Friday (the 14th), and have to leave for a week long vacation this coming Friday (the 21st). Beer OG was 1.066, and its bubbling away in my conical (used a good pitch of A24 slurry). Typically I let...
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    Tree House Hurricane/Typhoon/Perfect Storm

    Hey all, I'm a big fan of this series from Tree House, and was wondering what people thought might be the ratio of Citra to Simcoe. I'm guessing it would be 2 to 1, or perhaps higher...but who knows, perhaps they are reversed and it is Simcoe heavy. Thanks
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    Modifying Brewtech Conical to Minimize Dry Hopping Oxygen Exposure

    I'd like to improve my O2 exposure during dry hopping - right now I add the pellet through the conical's top port and then flush with C02. My beer results thus far are decent, but I'm always chasing perfection. I thought one simple step would be to add a port near the top, above the beer line...
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    Water for NE IPA

    Hi all, Just wanted to confirm that my water will suffice for a general NE IPA profile. I typically aim for 50-70 Ca, 50+ Na, 100/200 Sulfate to Chloride (and vice versa). I plugged it into Bru'n Water, and I think it works, it just may be hard to hit higher Sulfate levels without increasing Ca...
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    Disposal of 1% Hcl Acid Solution

    Sorry if this is covered elsewhere, but I purchased some Hach cleanser for my Pocket Pro Plus ph meter, and found that it is has pepsin plus 1% hydrochloric acid. Am I correct that the small amount I use to clean my probe is ok to pour down the drain, followed by a lot of water? Thanks
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    Noob Help Needed - Converting Dryer Outlet

    I've got an older, 3 prong dryer outlet that I'd like to upgrade to a 4 prong, GFCI outlet which I can plug an Auber Cube 2 into. Since I'm not electrically inclined, I will have an electrician handle this. My question is: do I need to tell him anything other than "turn this into a 4 prong GFCI...
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    Keg Carbing, with a Twist

    So I'm kicking around some process changes that will allow me to dry hop in the fermenter, cold crash, and transfer to the serving keg, utilizing natural carbonation while minimizing 02 exposure. Specifically, I'm thinking about adding a modest amount of sugar water plus a bit of yeast to the...
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    1st Multi-Step Mash Questions

    I normally do single infusion BIAB, but I'd like to try a multi-step, no sparge mash using my normal cooler. My question is whether there are any definitive water/grist ratios I need to stick to for the steps. My recipe calls for 36 quarts of water, so I was planning on adding 16 quarts for...
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    Hop Screen for Conical Racking Arm

    I'd love to find a screen I could slide over the racking arm in my 7g conical, but haven't found any luck online. Any ideas? It's a Brewtech conical, but they don't appear to offer this accessory. Basically I'm looking for something to keep out the hop debris when I rack to the serving keg.
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    Kettle Sour IPA - Help Needed

    So I'm aiming for some thing along the lines of Epic Tart N Juicy, and my question is this: how much lactic acid should I add to pre-acidify my wort before pitching my Goodbelly shot? I've collected my wort and I'm going to do a 15 minute boil before cooling to 100 degrees. I don't have a pH...
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    SS Brewtech Conical Racking Arm Issue

    I just finished my first fermentation with a new Brewtech conical. Before cold crashing, I rotated the racking arm downward to avoid filling it with hops and yeast, then rotated it back up for transfer to keg. When I started pulling things apart to clean the conical, I found that that first...
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    Conical Causing Carbonation?

    As the title indicates, I'm a little surprised but it appears my beer is carbing up a bit while it's fermenting in my new 7 gal SS conical. I've been capturing the C02 from the top of the conical to purge the serving keg, running a blow off tube from the serving keg into a container if...
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    Purging Keg Through Fermentation - Not Working

    So I'm taking my first stab at spunding, aiming to dry hop under pressure. My problem is that I tried to harness the C02 from my carboy fermenter to purge the serving keg, but it did not work. I brewed an NE IPA variant last Wednesday, the 21st. Temp controlled fermentation at 66 for first 3...
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    Factoring Starter Into Yeast Viability

    Sorry if this was covered before, but I was curious how to factor in a starter to my yeast viability calculations. Basically, I had a 3 month old yeast slurry, which I dumped into a 2L starter, yielding 400+ml of new slurry - do I consider that a "new" batch of yeast, for purposes of Mr. Malty...
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    Cool Brewing Jacket Question

    I picked up a Cool Brewing Jacket this weekend, and plan to use it tonight for a brew in progress. I intend to add one frozen 2L to keep the temp around 68, but my question is do I add that right away, or wait for fermentation to kick off? My concern is that I might lower the temp too far and...
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    Repeated Oxidation

    Greetings all, I've been homebrewing for 6 months or so, since a buddy got me into it. Have really benefited from all the knowledge and tips shared on this site. I mostly brew IPAs and DIPAs - started with extract-based versions and recently moved up to all-grain BIAB. Unfortunately my...