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    Over carbing a keg for bottling? what level?

    Hi, I am wanting to get a bit more carb in my bottles that are filled from a keg. So if I like a lager or ale at 2.4 volumes, what is a good target to over carb the keg at? 2.6 2.7 or? I assume then all the same process applies? cold bottles? bleed of the keg pressure and set the reg at 4...
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    QQ - depressuize a fermeter to save yeast?

    Hi, After I transfer the beer to kegs from my pressurized fermenter - Do i need to slowly decrease the pressure with a spund valve or is it OK to open the gas port and let the co2 blow out then pour out the yeast for reuse? Will the shock of the sudden depressure harm the yeast? thanks haeffnkr
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    Pressure Ferment / Closed CO2 Pressure Keg Transfer Questions / How to?

    Hi, My process to transfer beer lately has been to catch the beer in the fermenter with 1 to 4 points left of sugar left in it ( add a bit of sugar to the keg if needed to get carb level right ) and push beer from fermenter into purged keg with co2 and a spund valve on the gas post to keep it...
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    Two Women - New Glarus lager yeast?

    Hi, Anyone know what yeast New Glarus uses in their Two Women Lager? New Glarus Brewing I saw an old post where someone guessed 2308. thanks in advance! Haeffnkr
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    How is my mash schedule? Trying to get more foam...

    Hi, I am trying to get more foam out of my beers. I know good foam is combination of a lot of things. I do lodo and have good fermentation practices and clean glasses. My mash schedule for a lot of my lagers is as follows. 144 - 20 148 - 30 153 - 15 160 - 40 170 - 5 I have an automated rims...
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    Tan pump... gone through 3 so far....

    Hi, I have two little 24v tan brew pumps. i run them at 24 volts. I use one to pump 140 ish mash water over to the MT and have no issues with it for years. My RIMS pump keeps quitting on me. I run the temps of my step mash up to 170F. My step mash goes from 140 to 170 and takes a couple...
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    Portable 5 gallon corny kegerator - what you got?

    Looking for a portable, somewhat insulated, ice cooled, portable kegerator with a built in tap handle. Thinking trash can with a small kegerator/tap handle. Show me some designs please. thanks haeffknkr
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    Thermowell diameter?

    Hi, QQ My temp sensors are a fuzz under 6mm diameter and the smallest in range thermowells I can find are 7mm. Is that close enough? Just use some temp transfer grease on the tip of the sensor and I will be good? thanks in advance Haeffnkr
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    craftbeerpi new setup error

    Hi, I have a fresh build of a new rpi4 board with raspbian fresh install. I have done the craftbeerpi install 4 times and craftbeerpi will not autostart after a reboot. Trying to manually start the craftbeerpi server I get the following ..... [email protected]:~ $ cd craftbeerpi...
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    New 30" RIMS

    Hi, Some pics of my new RIMS. Watlow 1500 Watts / 120 Volts - 30" long element, ebay special. Running about 2 gallons a minute. I have not measured the gpm rate to be sure. This design is all @augiedoggy inspired, and it WORKS!!!!!!! Custom made tube made of 1" TC ferrule with a hole drilled...
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    30 gallon blichman brew coil

    Like new...used one time ... original box. 140 shipped. Extra set of orings. Easy to install. drill 2 holes. Comes with cord and everything like new. Details here - I will sell the kettle with fitting, stand and boil coil for $200 if you come...
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    recirculated wort return - manifold vs nozzle

    Hi, Is there any benefit to mash efficiency, temps throughout the MT, better/less grain bed channeling, or any other reason to have a manifold with a lot of holes ie nozzled, loc line type wort return to gently disperse the water evenly over the grain bed, under the wort level of course VS a...
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    New Sanke fermenter build

    Built a Sanke fermenter. Fairly easy and it works really well so far. 2 batches down and no issues yet. I traced the inside of the TC ferule on the keg with the sharpie held off the side so there was about 3/16" inside the ferrule. I cut the hole with angle grinder and a cut off blade then...
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    Tell me why this won't work...

    Tell my why this wont work please. If I put a 16" pot, the inside of the boil coil diameter, and then fill the gap with water for heat transfer only. Then recirculate the wort and could even be pumped back through a stainless coil on the outside of the MT in the heated water, like a HERMS. I...
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    Hard plumbed pumps?

    Hi ... I have seen a few hard plumbed pump setups from other folks. How do u clean these? Concerns? There is that little bit of wort/water that will pool up on center inlet pumps and that scares me. I spent a small fortune putting cam locks on my pumps so I can take them off and clean them...
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    Missouri $110 - 17.5 stainless HLT or MT or BK - you choose !

    Nice stainless pot as shown, comes with valve, cam lock whirlpool return and drain mesh. Use as a mash tun or whatever !! No lid. $110 shipped.
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    Missouri $550 - 25 gallon Ebiab setup w/ custom basket and Brew coil ...will split

    Great setup - my buddies now backed out and I dont need this big brew setup. Used one time. Works awesome. 25 gallon stainless kettle with bottom drain with 1"npt threads ( valve not included ). Clean in place... which is beyond awesome!! Low profile whirlpool fittings, cam locks valves all...
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    Missouri BLICHMANN BOILERMAKER BREW KETTLE - 15 gallon - $225

    BLICHMANN™ BOILERMAKER™ BREW KETTLE - 15 gallon. Good shape with 3 piece valve and cam lock. 225
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    Missouri RIMS - Mash Tun - Complete w/ pump and hoses- $475

    Complete rims mash setup Keggle, mash filter bag, cam locks on the keggle with a 3 way valve. March pump with cam locks and 2 hoses. Auber controller for RIMS. Stainless RIMS tube 110v with cam locks. 3 hoses total. Ready to go. Works awesome. Step mashes, Mash out ... all awesome. $475...