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  1. The Mad Brewer

    making Munich, pilsner, Vienna malts

    Want to get my grains ready for a Oktoberfest which calls for Vienna, Munich, an pilsner. I have some Carmel already and lots of barley I m just trying to find a site with instructions on malting the above? I have a malt time chart but its more for if you have a malt house, any Suggestions...
  2. The Mad Brewer

    Using Fresh hops, simple question , chopping up or use whole?

    Excited about the hops I just planted, hoping to get a few this yrear. So While I brew a Juicy IPA I was thinking about how to use my fresh hops when io get them. THe one question i dont see answered is do you put them in whole or cut them up to brew with? thx
  3. The Mad Brewer

    stiff, stuck tap

    Anyone ever have a tap that is stuck or really stiff?? I have one that I can barely move in-and-out. It's 1 of the cheaper taps That's the valve goes in-and-out, I'm going to disconnect that and take it apart tomorrow to see if I can loosen it up I haven't used it in about a month and I think...
  4. The Mad Brewer

    moisture tester

    Anyone have recommendations of tool for checking moisture tester for malting grains?
  5. The Mad Brewer

    Propane turkey cooker for brewing inside

    Any one use a LP turkey cooker for brewing inside?
  6. The Mad Brewer

    can i malt grains too long

    Does it lose starch if the roots get too long when germinating? is there that perfect window to stop the process?
  7. The Mad Brewer

    Any recommendations for "Brew in a Bag" stainless replacement?

    I use the bag method but have a little hole in it and if I purchase a new one would like it tp be stainless steel mesh bag. I have a 8 gallon brew kettle I use to mash and boil in. Anyone try the mesh steel bag filters?
  8. The Mad Brewer

    Can I reuse a beer that didnt turn out, for my mash water

    The ale is very weak, no body and a bit malty. So rather than dump it, can I use it for my next brew for mash water? Maybe to increase the new Beers body and flavor.
  9. The Mad Brewer

    My last Winter Brews

    My Double choco stout though Head retention is weak its fabulous, and my Porter which is pretty good, just used basic recipes and tweaked slightly , All grain and Loving it. Though my glass seems to have a leak in it I can never get a pic of the stout with the glass full
  10. The Mad Brewer

    can you make a beer with no barley, using wheat and oats?

    can you make a beer with no barley, using wheat and oats?
  11. The Mad Brewer

    Can I boil down my mash/ wort to make extract

    If I have extra grains and i would like to convert them to Syrup- extract for later use? Its that time of year where I'm cooking maple syrup and thought i wonder if the same process for reducing Maple sap to syrop would work for grains that I have malted and mashed? I am concerned about storing...
  12. The Mad Brewer

    My Best beer yet

    Here's how good my double chocolate stout is, 2 glasses already, hasn't been in the keg for a hour Even with no carbonation it's fabulous by far the best beer I've ever made.