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  1. Group W

    BJCP category question

    I have an American Imperial Stout recipe that’s about 8.5% ABV. This is usually entered in BJCP category 20C. If milk lactose is added (~5%) what BJCP category should/could this milk stout be entered under? Thanks
  2. Group W

    Need Hop Rocket Help

    I have two experiences with a new Hop Rocket. Both times I loaded it with 2 oz of dry Citra leaf/cone. Use is on WC IPAs. The first time, after whirlpooling I used it as a filter on cooled wart ahead of the fermenter. That worked okay but may not have been a good use of hops over 10 minutes at...
  3. Group W

    Vic Secret hop pairing ?

    My first post here. Never used Vic Secret. I have 8 oz of Vic Secret on hand and would like your suggestions on hop pairings in a WC IPA. I have two thoughts below. Your suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks:) Bittering: Warrier Back end: Amarillo, Vic Secret Bittering: Chinook Back end...
  4. Group W


    Brewed my first beer with a kit from F.H. Steinbart many years ago. Been brewing all grain for the past 2 years. IPAs mostly, but not shy about venturing out. Been learning from all of you for years. Finally joined. Thanks for having me.