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  1. kgranger

    Belgian Corks From MoreBeer

    I used these corks from MoreBeer recently, bottling in the Belgian bottles they sell as well, and using a floor corker. I was having the hardest time pushing these things in, the corker even shaving off a tiny bit of the bottom before eventually squeezing through. I managed to get the depth just...
  2. kgranger

    Cutting tips of bines

    Currently growing a few varieties on a 14" vertical trellis, and they have already surpassed the top! In the past, I've just let them keep growing up and eventually back down, tangling with the rest of them. This year id really like to keep the varieties as separate as possible to isolate them...
  3. kgranger

    Is 10-Plate Chiller Enough?

    Thinking about an upgrade to a plate chiller, and just wanted some thoughts on a 10 plate vs anything larger. My LHBS has a 10 plate on sale right now, hence the debate. I like how low profile it is compared to my counterflow chiller, and I am not really worried about hop clogging since I use a...
  4. kgranger

    Floor Corking Issues - Belgian Corks

    I picked up a used Portuguese floor corker in excellent condition, and used it for the second time with Belgian corks and Belgian 16oz bottles (first time was with wine corks and wine bottles, worked perfectly). With the corks being significantly wider, I expected it would take a bit more force...
  5. kgranger

    Bar/ Kegerator Design Help

    Looking for some advice on a build I'll be working on soon. The goal is to construct a bar with DIY kegerator built in. I've seen a lot of builds of a basic bar with a standard chest freezer kegerator that slips in underneath, feeding the tap tower above, but what I want to do is have the...
  6. kgranger

    Need to re-yeast bottle conditioned cider

    I bottled up a batch of dry cider, and used CBC-1 dry bottle conditioning yeast, their calculator gave me 2g/ 5oz yeast to sugar for 5.5 gal batch. The packet outlines the process of rehydrating: sprinkle yeast on the sugar solution at 95º, wait 15 min, stir and wait 5 more min. Seemed hydrated...
  7. kgranger

    Partial Mash Boil Volume

    I moved houses and haven't fully set up my Spike system, but I'm itching to brew so I am going to try my hand at stovetop brewing in the meantime. I've never done partial mashing, pretty much went straight to all-grain when I started brewing. I really don't feel like buying anymore equipment...
  8. kgranger

    Noise Reduction For Commercial Beverage Fridge

    Just bought a used True beverage fridge for the basement brewery, and as I expected, the vibration humming is pretty loud. Any tips out there for noise reduction in these kind of commercial fridges? I've read a few things about adding rubber gaskets to the feet of the compressor, and potentially...
  9. kgranger

    Stainless brewing table with drainage

    Looking for ideas (both DIY and pre-made table suggestions welcome) for a new brew table that can offer me some spill drainage. The current table I have is a standard commercial stainless steel table, no backsplash or anything, just flat edges. I want a solution for when I am spraying down the...
  10. kgranger

    Screen print ink/ painting on bottles

    Anyone had any luck screen printing or painting logos on their bottles? All I am finding online are examples of inks and paints that require either high temp firing in a kiln to adhere the inks to the bottles, or using screen print ink and a clear coat on top afterwards. I don't have access to a...
  11. kgranger

    Possible CO2 leak from corks

    I bottled a sour beer almost 2 months ago, using 750 ml brown bottles that can be capped with regular crown caps. I figured it would be ok to use corks instead (maybe this was my first mistake), using a floor corker, they are just about halfway in, mushrooming at the top. Finished with a wire...
  12. kgranger

    Salvage un-carbed sour

    I barrel aged a golden sour with a brettanomyces blend for several months, and it finished at 1.000. Come bottling day, I used Lallemand's CBC-1 bottle conditioning yeast, and according to their calculator, I pitched 1.89 grams of the rehydrated yeast with 4.5 oz of corn sugar per 5 gallons...
  13. kgranger

    Maryland All Grain Brewing Equipment

    Selling my old all grain equipment. Local pickup only (Baltimore, MD). Prices are negotiable, but please don't low ball me too much on the big stuff. Discounts offered for pick up of multiple items, significant discount for purchasing the whole lot (or at least most of it). 10 gal stainless...
  14. kgranger

    DIY Spike Conical Extension Legs

    Any engineers or DIY'ers out there have some ideas for replicating the extension legs for a Spike Brewing conical? I can get casters with a male threaded rod pretty cheap, but I want to make sure whatever legs I...
  15. kgranger

    Ice build up in DIY glycol chiller

    Will this cause any serious issues with performance? Ice build up pretty bad on the pipe leading to the condenser, and then tons on the condenser itself. I had it set to 25 degrees, but it cannot seem to get any lower than 29 right now. Ambient temp in the brew space is around 80, but I haven’t...
  16. kgranger

    Small clusters near mature hop cones

    My 6 year old Centennials are getting close to being ready for a first harvest, but I noticed these large clusters of small pods near the matured cones. To me they look different from the very early stages of the current cones. Are these a whole second yield waiting to mature, or is this just...
  17. kgranger

    Cleaning dry-fired heating element

    Any tips for cleaning heating elements after dry-firing? Looking very flaky, not sure if it's rust or pieces of the metal coming off. It is still working fine, I'd just rather have it looking as clean as possible.
  18. kgranger

    Scaling down commercial recipe to home-brew size

    I have acquired a few recipes from a commercial 60 bbl brewhouse, and I am trying to scale them down to my level (10 gal). My main issue is calculating the hop additions. I understand that the hop utilization between our systems are wildly different, and overall kettle dimensions, process, and...
  19. kgranger

    Brett contamination in keg

    I plan to use a few kegs as transportation vessels to bring beer from my brewhouse to my cellar where my oak barrel is. The beer already will have Brett in it before the barrel. I was going to immediately clean the kegs used for transportation after filling the barrel. Will I need to take the...
  20. kgranger

    Omega OYL-216 Substitution

    Looking for a similar yeast to Omega's Northwest Farmhouse Brett strain. They advertise it as a "lighter side of funkiness with this B. bruxellensis..." and "wonderful white wine character and light funk, and develops its character rather quickly. Brett character will be apparent within a few...