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    ISpindel + Smart Plug to control Fridge?

    Hello, I have an ISpindel that I have not hooked up yet, so I not really up to speed yet. I was wondering if there is a proven way to utilize the temperature reading coming off the ISpindel to connect to a smart plug and control on/off of a wine fridge? I have seen some stuff on the web about...
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    Wine Fridge Drilling Help

    Hello, I have a GE pwr04fanbs wine Fridge that I would like to run EVA barrier tubing out for CO2 capture from fermentation to purge my keg and spund. But I am verklempt about how to get the tubing out - drill or squeeze it through the door seal? I do not want to kill the fridge. I know it...
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    Avantco IC3500 Question

    Hello, I am thinking of picking one of these up after reading an Amazon review for a different brand of induction burner. The other brand apparently does not do well at lower wattages. Some chefs said the unit basically just runs at full power but cycles on and off when you have the power...
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    Wanted 4" Tri-Clover Lid with Keg Posts (for Kegmenter)

    Hello, I am looking for a replacement lid for the Kegmenter 4" opening product if you have one you might want to part with. Thanks!
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    Torpedo Keg Owners - Wall Thickness?

    Hello, Just wondering if any Torpedo keg owners had a micrometer and could measure the outer wall of one of the kegs? If that is even possible... The manufacturer in China said the thickness was 1mm and I just wanted to verify as that sounds pretty thin (.039"). Thanks!
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    Belgian Beer - Adding Sugar to the Fermenter Instead of the Boil

    Hello, I brewed a Belgian Blond today with WY1214 and decided to add my Florida Crystals sugar in the fermenter instead of the last five minutes of the boil. My concern is if the wort is going to foam up when I inject the sugar solution through the airlock hole? I tried to add sugar to keg...
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    Kveik Research

    Hello, I have been reading and listening up on Kveik yeasts. They are very interesting to me. I am looking to brew with one but would like some usage opinions before picking a strain. I am more of a West Coast fan than an East Coast fan, so that would be my first preference. I listened to a...
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    Texas Chillers!! - 2 Immersion, 1 Plate and 1 Super Coil!

    Hello, I have a bunch of chilling devices I would like to move to new homes. I have: 1 Shirron Plate Chiller - $50 1 50 foot 1/2" O.D. Copper Immersion Chiller - $40 1 25 foot 1/4" Stainless Steel Immersion Chiller - $15 1 - 100 foot 1/2 O.D. Submerged Copper Coil - $70 I had the Plate...
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    Texas Bayou Classic 10 gallon Pot with Admiral 3,500w Induction Cooker

    Hello, I am selling my Bobby M. modified Bayou Classic boil kettle with all of its tri-clover attachments (valve and output pipe) along with an Admiral 3,500w 240v Induction Cooker. $100 for the pot & fittings $110 for the Induction Cooker This is a great setup looking for a new home. Local...
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    General Rant on Web Design These Days

    I wanted to chime in on the new forum look. I like it overall but why are designers today infatuated with light grey text over light backgrounds? I know it gives a slick look but it is hard to read! They have lost some of the functionality for the form. I see it everywhere now, even on...
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    lactobacillus Life Span and Brew Day Processes

    Hello, I wanted to ask some questions to the forum and hopefully this will help everybody overall. How long does lactobacillus from grain live outside of its host? Or does it have a host? Like many, I have some brew buckets that I use during the brew day. These either have grain in them or...
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    Screen/Filter Inside Primary?

    Hello, I was thinking about my fermentation setup and would like to do some dry hopping. I use a SS Fusti for fermentation and spund to kegs for finishing. My hope is to be able to dry hop with loose pellets in the primary but do not want any hop particles making their way into the service...
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    Help Me with a Sediment Issue

    Hello, I have started brewing with an Anvil Foundry and have come across an issue with wheat beers. Basically, there is too much mash sediment/particles falling out of the basket which causes the unit to protect itself from scorching and shut down. I do a recirc but the process is not...
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    Metal Buckets - Any Sources/Ideas?

    Hello, I have been looking for a metal bucket or two. I have some normal 5 gallon buckets but when I put chiller runoff water I feel them getting soft from the temperature. Also, just got an Anvil Foundry and the mash basket does not fit in a normal 5 gallon bucket to let drain empty before...
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    Anyone Direct Ordering Yeast Through their LHBS?

    Hello, I am about to bring this up to my LHBS and wanted to ask if anybody is doing this at their LHBS. Why aren't the LHB'S taking direct orders from homebrewer's for their yeast orders? I would assume they are ordering from the makers every week or two. The long time approach has been to...
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    Small Upright Freezer for a Pre-Chiller?

    Hello, I am looking to move to an immersion chiller from a different setup and was looking at ways to super charge the chilling power. I have a "post chiller" made of 50' 3/8" copper in an 8 gallon bucket which works great but am wanting to leave all of the break material behind and move to...
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    Help with Insulating the Bottom of my Sanke Keg

    Hello, I have a snake that has been around the block in many different roles. It is a bottom drain HLT now with 1/3 cut off of the top. I had a welder weld a 1' SS pipe for the bottom drain and three legs. It is great but I want to insulate the bottom to hold more heat in for fast temp...
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    Anybody use Omega Hefeweizen Yeast? OLY-021

    Hello, Just looking for any experience with the Omega hefe yeast. WPL300 vs Omega. Thanks.
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    New Belgium Trippel - Purposefully Different or Falling Short?

    I believe in drinking beer in country and giving it a chance to be its best. I also have been hearing more and more about the US becoming of a source for Belgian style brewing outside of Belgium. I recently picked up a bottle of New Belgium Trippel to see how this long standing US brewery...
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    Tilt Hydrometer - Can it Control a Fridge?

    Hello, I am looking at the Tilt device and was wondering if anybody knows or uses it to control a fermentation fridge? With the Pi functionality I thought this would be a possibility to use the temperature readings but do not know if I am off base or not. The $135 price is a little hard to...