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  1. J

    Motorizing a DIY Grain Mill

    Hello, I am thinking about motorizing my DIY grain mill but I have no idea where to start on motor selection. What's a good HP? RPM? What size pullies should I go with? Any advice is appreciated.
  2. J

    Preparing Spent Grains for Chickens

    Hello everyone! I have heard & read that free range chickens enjoy consuming spent grains which is awesome. I've got a buddy that just started a chicken coup a year ago and they are laying well for him... My question is, What do I need to do to my spent grains so he can benefit from them...
  3. J

    Keg Carbonating & Manifold Question

    Hi guys, I recently expanded my setup and went from a single keg to 4. Now I am brewing different recipes and I'm noticing that it seems to take MUCH longer for the beer to carb up than it did when I had a single keg. This doesn't make sense to me. Am I supposed to jack up the pressure to...
  4. J

    Fermenting Scenting!

    I'm just curious if anyone else notices the space around their carboy smelling during the fermenting process. I've brewed only 7 or 8 times and this latest batch was my first time using White Labs liquid yeast. All the others were dry yeast with SafeAle No5 and I had to get my schnoz right up...
  5. J

    Carbonation Question

    Hi all. I have a 4 way CO2 manifold with 3 Kegs currently on tap. My regulator is set to 12 PSI. 2 of my beers have perfect. The other one is a little weird. It is carbonated but you have to agitate it to get it out. With a standard pour, there is ZERO head. Even with the initial sip, it...
  6. J

    Stinky Batch?

    I'm concerned about my latest brew. I don't have the gravity readings handy at the moment but the ABV was a little higher than intended (4.9 instead of 4.5, my point being, fermentation was finished) Oddly enough, this batch also smells off. There were no visible signs of infection and it's...
  7. J

    Corny Keg Troubleshooting

    Hello, Long story short, I have some used kegs in my possession that held pressure for about a year. My conundrum is that when I finally went to use them, they started leaking. 3 out of 5 are no longer holding pressure and they either leak from the PRV or the lid. It seems strange to me that...
  8. J

    Star San Melting Plastic?

    Hi everyone. Long story short short, I left some vinyl tube in a mixture of Star San for a week and the results really surprised me. The tubing went from clear to milky-white and it feels like it started to decompose. It is slimy and sticky and nearly impossible to wash off. I decided to...
  9. J

    Beer Faucet and shank?

    Hi guys. I'm in the market for a few faucets and shanks. It's been years since I bought one but what I'm finding seems kinda steep. Where is a good place to go online for a good deal? Thanks
  10. J

    Blichmann Hellfire on a Wood Table?!?

    Hi Guys, I wanted to get some advice on getting my Hellfire Burner off the floor. I have a very study, butcher block, shop table that can easily withstand the weight. The heat is going to be an issue for sure... My thought was to use a piece of "Fireboard" that is designed to protect the floor...
  11. J

    Illinois Chicago Water

    Hi All, I'm new to brewing and just discovering the importance of water chemistry. I've been looking in to water profiles and found something online from the City of Chicago. It's pretty detailed but I have some questions... Here is a link to what I am referring to...
  12. J

    Home Depot Cooler Mash Tun with False Bottom

    Hi All, I've done a lot of reading and have decided to go the route of the DIY, Home Depot 10 gal cooler but I am a little stuck on choosing a false bottom and I would like some input. I made sure my cooler has the flush bottom and I am thinking of going with the 11.5" from Northern Brewer...
  13. J

    To Peel, or Not to Peel? Lemon Peel Addition

    Hi All, I'm getting ready to make my second home brew and my wife is asking me to do something like Linie's Summer Shandy. The recipe I am following calls for a couple packets of unsweetened lemonade but I was wanting to add some lemon peel for an extra kick of lemon. I'm thinking 1 oz for...
  14. J

    Force carbonating with uKeg Troubleshooting

    Hi all. So I am in the midst of conditioning my first home brew. I bottled most of it and am patiently waiting but I did fill up my 128oz uKeg in an attempt to force carbonate it. (I filled it prior to adding the priming solution) I followed mfg recommendations and pressurized at 15 psi for 5...
  15. J

    KitchenAid Grain Mill????

    Hi All, So I was doing some research on grain mills and stumbled upon a KitchenAid attachment. We already have a KitchenAid so I would not be opposed to getting a mill grinder attachment for it. I was curious if anyone has experience with using one of these for brewing purposes. Thanks
  16. J

    New and Obsessed!

    Hi Everyone! I was fortunate enough to receive a Deluxe starter kit as a gift so I am just getting in to brewing. I made my very first batch last weekend. It was just a malt extract brew but I have been thinking about brewing non-stop ever since. I haven't even tasted my first batch and I...