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  1. Walking_Target

    Jump in efficiency switching to Brewzilla?

    Just finished my first brew day on my new Brewzilla 35L and had a real interesting result from the mash. My recipe is as follows: 5kg 2 row 100g Melanoidin 100g Carapils 100g Acid malt 500ml rice hulls 22l strike water, 11.5l sparge water, mashed in @65C for a 90 minute mash, sparged by hand...
  2. Walking_Target

    Sparkolloid as beer finings?

    In an effort to brew a vegan-friendly beer, I ended up using sparkolloid (marketed for wine) instead of isinglass or gelatin. I usually don't use finings but I've been doing some protein heavy grains. Is there any real reason not to use this for beer>
  3. Walking_Target

    Good Beer-Strength Metheglyn Recipe?

    Just asking because I can't really find a good one.
  4. Walking_Target

    Vaporizing Hops?

    So I've read a few articles about big time chefs using vapor extraction machines to get pure herb flavors like rosemary for special signiature dishes. A quick google search says this could work for hops too. Anybody tried this? If so whats the verdict? And please keep this on topic. I...
  5. Walking_Target

    This recipe have too little diastatic power?

    Here's the grain bill for a Stout I want to do tomorrow #3 2-Row #2.5 Abbey Malt #2 Pale Chocolate Malt #1 Crystal 60L 8oz Roasted Barley 8oz Flaked Oats 8oz Flaked Barley 4oz Black Malt Preboil volume aprx 7.5g . Final Volume 5.5g This is supposed to be a sweet...
  6. Walking_Target

    Dodecylbenzene sulfonated acid and food safety (mid level chemistry question)

    I'm thinking of switching to Star-San as my go-to cleaner. I really like the idea of the no-rinse, guaranteed foamy sanitation that it offers. The part that bugs me is the large portion of the dodecylbenzene sulfonate. Chemically speaking, I know it has the potential to break down into...
  7. Walking_Target

    Rye Pale Ale - Help!

    I'm doing my first run at using Rye tomorrow and have a couple concerns about the recipe. Grain Bill is as follows; 9# Pale 2-Row 2# Malted Rye 154*F mash for 90 minutes Hop schedule is for pure cascades, 1oz 60 minutes .5oz 15 minutes .5oz 5 minutes My concerns. This...
  8. Walking_Target

    "Bastard" Ales - Who does these and how?

    So, as dedicated hombrewers, most of us keep certain ingredients, like favorite hops, malt and yeast on hand at all times. Anybody else ever pulled together the last half ounce of one hop, the last quarter of another along with whatever leftover grains from other batches to make a 'bastard'...
  9. Walking_Target

    Uhh... think I did something dumb

    My first full scale all-grain batch was a bit more than 10 hours on brewday... and I totally forgot about my chilling strategy. At 2:30 AM I went in out of the cold, plunked my kettle full of 180*-ish wort down and went to bed. At 7:30am it was 110* or so, I carefully drained it into my ferm...
  10. Walking_Target

    Haus Ale Recipe input please!

    The grain bill is as follows; 9# Canadian 2-row 1# Canadian Light Munich 152*F target mash temp for 90-120 minutes 1oz Cascades @ 60 minutes 0.5oz Cascades @ 30 minutes .5oz Calypso @ 5 minutes .5oz Calypso dryhop in secondary. I'm debating adding some carastan to the...
  11. Walking_Target

    Hows my first time efficiency?

    My first bre was a 5.4 gallon finished volume wit an sg of [email protected] about 120*f. I think this works out to about 1.068 at room temp. This was 11# of canadian 2-row and 1# light munich. Ive run a rough calc and gotten 83% brewhouse efficiency... can anyone more experienced verify this...
  12. Walking_Target

    Longest Brewday EVER

    It started at 4pm. It is now 1:30 AM. It's currently -10*C outside and I had to drain off about 2 gallons of my boil about an hour ago, as I couldn't break 98*C with the volume I had. On the other hand, with aproximately 7 gallons left, with about 1 gallon for trub loss, and an aprox OG o...
  13. Walking_Target

    Help choose my All-Grain brewday!

    Just what the title says, i have a bunch of ingredients and free time to brew tomorrow.
  14. Walking_Target

    Bar Fridges that fit Conellius Kegs (help!)

    Looking for a list of smaller fridges or bar fridges that fit corny kegs with or without modification. Can anybody suggest a supplier in Canada?
  15. Walking_Target

    Best hop varietals for Southern Ontario?

    Just like the title says; any southern ontario/upstate new york/michigan brewers have any suggestions? I'm looking at Cascades, Nugget, Hallertau, Goldings or Northern Brewer. Looking for two out of the three, ideally one good aroma cultivar and one good bittering cultivar.
  16. Walking_Target

    AG brewing Canadians in need of a mash tun Look Here!

    I just bought mine from Home Depot; They're on clearance right now for $29.99 for the 5 gallon size (home depot Canada doesn't carry the 10g size :( ) You may need to ask somebody at the customer service desk to have somebody in Seasonal check for you - in some stores they're put in the back...
  17. Walking_Target

    Simple Rules for Drinking My Homebrew

    Most of us got into this hobby for the simple dual purposes of drinking excellent home made brew and sharing said brew with our friends. But most, if not all of us, upon sharing said brew with friends, tend to develop pet peeves with how our friends treat our brew, our bottles or our pride (not...
  18. Walking_Target

    Smell of All Grain versus Extract or Partial Extract

    I took my first foray into All Grain brewing this past weekend with a 1 gallon test batch just to get a feel for the process, The batch was as follows, 1lb Pale Malt (canadian 6-row) 1lb Munich Malt Mashed @ 151*f using a BIAB method, basic sparge, lots of trub, bleh efficiency...
  19. Walking_Target

    Help me troubleshoot a test batch (please!)

    My first all grain 5 gallon batch is planned for two weeks from today. The recipe is for an all grain version of my standard english-style ale. 5lbs Canadian 6-row pale malt 5lbs Munich Malt (supposed to be 20L, so not fully able to self convert) ~8oz Carastan 1 oz Pearle @ start of...
  20. Walking_Target

    Sharp taste in my latest Partial Mash.

    Looking for some insight from the community here; (edit: yes, it's a very tiny mash, but I think it's the mash that may have caused the issue) I brewed a batch of strong brown ale, as follows; 6 Gallons, full boil 4 liters (aprox 14lb) of light LME 1 lb of Munich Malt 8oz CaraStan 1/2 oz...