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    Jockey box build

    Is there any type of ball lock connectors that I could install through the wall of a cooler?
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    Why can’t I use…

    …an electric water heater thermostat to set the temp of my all-in-one?
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    Can I build an all-in-one mash and boil?

    So…I have a keggle and I want to convert it from using a propane burner to an electric heating element. BUT, I also want to just use the keggle and my grain basket and turn the whole setup into an “all-in-one” mash and boil. Is this possible? What can I use to control the heating element...
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    Plastics Kegs...are they useful for anything?

    I recently was given a black, plastic 1/2 barrel keg. Are they good for ANYTHING other than storing beer? Honestly, I only took it because I wanted an extra spear for transferring...but now I have the rest of the keg to deal with. Could I use it to make an electric keggle? Should I just chop...
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    Regulator questions... noob questions here, but I searched the forums and couldn't find a definitive answer to any of these questions so here goes: Can I move things around on a swapping the gas intake and the gauge location? Can I install regulators right onto a gas manifold for different...
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    1/4 Barrel Slim

    Located in SW Michigan...I am looking for 2-4 Sanke 1/4 barrel slim kegs. Who can help me out? My brewing process is constantly changing and I am looking to get out of Corny kegs and just ferment and serve in the 1/4 slims. Please let me know!
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    Is my beer infected?

    First time brewing beer…and I’m kinda freaking out. The white areas in the krausen is where it’s bubbling through “cracks” in the krausen itself. It’s not “fuzzy” or round spots as I would think a pellicle infection would look like. Am I overreacting? Sorry for the poor photo quality…
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    Oak barrel sanitizing?

    I am considering getting a small (5-7 gallon) used oak barrel to add a little "something" to my cider/beer making. It will be a one-time use whiskey barrel...and my thoughts are to wash it then use Star-San to sanitize it. My first use of it will be to fill it with purified water and let the...
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    Anyone ever use one of these as a fermenting chamber?

    I can pick one of these up for CHEAP. It's 30" deep with a 21" inside diameter...which is a perfect fit for a 6-gallon carboy. What think you all?
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    Should I tackle this?

    I am tired of switching my kegs from my Keezer to my fridge when I want to brew some tasty I'm in the early planning stages of making a fermenting chamber. I usually only make 5.5 gallons of beer at a time (I like both cider and beer), so the chamber only has to fit one carboy at...
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    Michigan Looking for a short 1/4

    Anyone in the South West side of Michigan (Grand Rapids area, but am willing to drive) have a short 1/4 barrel they are looking to get rid of?
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    Adapt to ball lock

    So, I recently acquired a 1/2 barrel and an older Sanke wing handle coupler and I want to convert it to have ball lock fittings. The “beer out” won’t be an issue, but the “gas in” has me confused. Anyone ever seen one like this? Is it even worth converting the gas line?
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    Troubles with carbonation...

    So...after running a couple of batches and bottle conditioning (and having pretty good success), I went out and bought some kegs and decided to force carbonate. I like a sweeter cider and really hated messing around with all the glass bottles. Here's where I ran into problems... I can't seem to...
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    How to strip aluminum bottles for re-use...a guide

    So, after doing a lot of digging through the forums I wasn't able to find any information on how to turn these: into these: Maybe I'm just particular, but I don't really want my home brew to be free advertisement for some vanilla brand of beer...but I LOVE the aluminum bottles! I've looked...
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    Knickerbocker Keg

    Has anyone ever seen this kind of keg before? Anyone successfully refill one?
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    Thinking about adding fruit...

    So, I've got a 5 gallon batch of AJ fermenting right now...and I'm thinking about adding some fruit after the primary fermentation is complete. Here's my plan: After primary is done, I'm going to rack to another container and then cold-crash the fermented juice. After cold-crashing, I'm going...
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    Is BIGGER better?

    Good Morning! I have 3 different carboys and love making cider (working on my 3rd batch right now!). I have two 6.5 gallon carboys and a 5 gallon. I have only used the 6.5 gallon carboy up to this point, but the more I read the more I get concerned about "headspace" during the primary and...
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    Michigan Michigan’s West side!!

    Hello all! Where in the world can I buy a 1.2 gallon keg?? I’m looking to carbonate some small batch ciders and can find ANY small kegs! Who can help me out!?!
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    Mini Kegs/Pony Kegs

    I am located in SW Michigan and am looking for several of these mini/pony kegs. I am going to be using them to store several different "flavors" of Cider. If anyone locally has these laying around, please shoot me a message.
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    Smaller diameter Kegs

    Is there a source for any smaller diameter kegs than what seems to be the standard of 8.5"? I recently bought a small chest freezer that I intend to convert to a keezer,..but due to some misleading info from the seller and lack of due diligence on my part...there isn't enough room to put 2...