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    Looks like a complete press to me

    Idling around waiting for my car to be served, I ran into this. Looks like a complete working press and a call for me to expand my brewing operation to include cider. Or did I just make a mistake?
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    Sodium metabisulfite for dissolved oxygen reduction in mash.

    @mabrungard I'm using Bru'n Water 5.5 for my next beer, an all grain wheat beer, and see that there is a (new to me) feature in the water adjustment page: Sodium metabisulfite addition is calculated for dissolved oxygen reduction in the mash. The water adjustment page recommends doses from 10...
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    Which Water Profile for ESB

    I'm getting ready to brew my first ESB and am uncertain which profile to use in BrunWater 1.25. The choices seems to be Pale Ale or Mild Ale. The pale ale profile is Ca 140, Mg18, Na 25, S 300, Cl 55, HCO3 110 The mild ale profile is Ca 50, Mg 0, Na 20, S 40, Cl 65, HCO3 45 Which would give...
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    Mold in Sanitizer

    In recent months I started saving and reusing sanitizer. I was surprised today when i noticed mold growing in one of the three gallon jugs I had been using to save the sanitizer. On the surface, on the plastic jug the mold is black, but white mold is also floating throughout the liquid. I'm a...
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    Aeration System Introducing lead and Lead Compounds into wort

    Just ordered online then picked up a Brewmaster aeration system from MLHBS. Was a little taken back when I read the Proposition 65 warning label. Might not have gone this route if I had known at the time I ordered. Poked around a little, but did not find a discussion on HBT or info on...
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    Intro: Mekchu

    I have been brewing a few years now. Have done 20-some extract batches and this week did my first all grain batch. Brew day went well, but of course the true result will not be known for a while. How to Brew by Palmer has largely shaped by brewing and I've made Sierra Nevada pale ale my...