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  1. LloydGM

    Could I get some advice on bottling directly from FermZilla using a CP filler?

    I could use some advice from y'all regarding using a counter pressure filler (CPF) going from a FermZilla to bottles. (I'm still saving $ to build a keezer and switch entirely to kegging.) I have a FermZilla 30L All Rounder and plan to pressure ferment at 60-65F, and I can't refrigerate the...
  2. LloydGM

    Treasure trove of yeast information on Wyeast's web site

    Interested in a bunch of articles related to brewer yeast? Pitch rates, harvesting...all kinds of great stuff! I was simply following up with a question I had regarding yeast starters and the search results were astounding. I just spent...
  3. LloydGM

    Combine several smaller yeast starter batches instead of 1 big one?

    I was reading on BeerSmith about how the larger starting volume of a yeast starter, a sort of "law of diminishing returns" kicks in, so it's harder to get a starter's cell count to, say, 500 billion because it'd require too much starting liquid. The article--and elsewhere--mentioned doing...
  4. LloydGM

    Advice on reusing yeast for a 2nd batch?

    I've been reading (too much, I think) about reusing yeast for a 2nd (or more) batch of the same lager. I'm new at this, so could use a bit of advice from y'all experts. :) My plan (is it viable?): Brew Marzen batch #1, recover yeast & trudge from primary, wash*, store the yeast until bottling...
  5. LloydGM

    Hops for Märzen?

    I have a good recipe for old Märzen which uses Saaz hops, but I think my IBU is a tad low (8-ish). I was thinking of maybe trying Hallertauer or Tettnanger this Christmas. Thoughts & opinions?