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  1. Cavpilot2000

    Seeking advice - I get a lot of pellicles

    So I'm primarily a beer brewer and I've got that locked down just fine. But I also make a couple ciders a year. In recent years I've been frustrated as about 50% of them (ciders) end up with pellicles on top in the carboy while conditioning. My source of juice is a nearby cidery where I get...
  2. Cavpilot2000

    Infection or normal?

    Racking my Cranberry cider (cranberries in primary). I sulfited this batch a day prior to pitching and the other three batches I made this day from the same source (fresh, unpasteurized cider) did not have this film. It’s kind of oily in that it sticks to everything it touches. It tastes...
  3. Cavpilot2000

    New York Hardware Emergency in Saugerties, NY

    I am at a big horse riding event in the Hudson valley (Saugerties) and I am responsible for the beer for our barn crew. I brought my homemade igloo cooler 2.5 gal keg cooler/dispenser, and I can't find the beer out ball-lock disconnect I'm sure I packed. Is there anyone on here within a...
  4. Cavpilot2000

    Unusual Corny Keg Lid shape

    I'll try to post a pic tonight, but I bought a few old ball lock corny kegs a few weeks ago to refurbish, and two of them have very non-standard lids. I was wondering if someone could help identify them and help find replacement lids, in case I should need one. Whereas a normal corny lid is...
  5. Cavpilot2000

    I Love Korean Spam!

    Seriously guys, give it a rest and F off.
  6. Cavpilot2000

    Patina on my SS Brew Kettle

    I apologize for no pictures, but I'm sure people will probably be able to help even without pics. I have a nice stainless brew kettle that over time has developed an increasing patina/finish layer inside the bottom of the kettle. It looks basically like a nickel finish rather than the nice...
  7. Cavpilot2000

    Help lowering pH on a Pils!

    So this is my first foray into adjusting pH and brewing water. I've never felt it necessary, since the beer I've been producing (mostly lighter German lagers) has been excellent. But I finally got a water report and downloaded Brunwater to do the best Bavarian Pils I can possibly muster...
  8. Cavpilot2000

    Home water report - help interpret!

    So I've never been one to adjust my brewing water because I think it makes damn fine beer, so why mess with that which works, right? We'll lo and behold, I can't leave well enough alone, so I order a water analysis from Ward Labs. Basically I brew mostly lighter style beers, especially German...
  9. Cavpilot2000

    Long boil for Munich Malt?

    So recent experiments suggesting it isn't necessary with some brands aside, conventional wisdom says to boil beers using Pilsner malt for 90 minutes to boil off DMS and its precursors. Got it. What about Munich malts? Usually they are mixed with Pilsner malt in a grain bill anyway in most...
  10. Cavpilot2000

    Greetings from South of Boston!

    I'm a veteran brewer, but doing much more of it in the last three years since buying a house with some dedicated brew space. I do all grain (both traditional and BIAB, depending on the complexity of the brew), and mostly keg my brews. I've averaged 12-14 five gallon batches each of the last...
  11. Cavpilot2000

    Anyone do a brown ale with Munich as base malt?

    I've only ever used Munich in German-style lagers, but I'm thinking the malty, bready character might make for a nice brown ale. Anybody done it?