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  1. homebrewer_99

    Music Match

    Lady - Styx
  2. homebrewer_99

    Why was it illegal to brew in the summer in Germany?

    In German, lager also means storage, as in storing in a warehouse. Many breweries still store beer underground in cellars and/or caves in the sides of hills. Erlangen has a beer festival on a hill that has a single road snaking all over it. They serve beer from "beer caves" as well as the...
  3. homebrewer_99

    Rauchbier Harry Says 4% Ain't ****

    I worked in Bamberg for 5 years. Been to the Schlanklera more times than I can count.. :rock:
  4. homebrewer_99

    Show us your Mead in a photo!!!

    Here's a pic of a batch of Charlie Papazian's Barkshack Ginger Mead I made in January 2006. Almost 15 years old! It came in at 7.6% ABV. It is smooth and dry, but not tart in any manner. The ginger is still present, but on the lighter side. It still tastes great! In comparison, Canada Dry...
  5. homebrewer_99

    Bochet Cyser backsweetening advice

    I've made a lot of cider over the years. 1-2 days after using Potassium Sorbate in the cider I add 1 can of AJ Frozen Concentrate to back sweeten and add apple flavor back into a 5 gal batch. 1.5 cans is a go also (depending on your taste), but 2 cans add too much body and makes it cloying...
  6. homebrewer_99

    Started an Apple Bochet (boe shay)

    STOP RIGHT NOW! Screwing on a lid is one thing, but SUPER GLUE? Use silicone caulk instead. As long as you have a good seal and the off gassing is reaching the blow-off jar you'll be OK. A last word about using plastic wrap to seal the jug lid down tightly...if there is no off-gassing the...
  7. homebrewer_99

    Best way to reduce gravity after the fact?

    Just to add a point, I find that when I boil outside in high humidity my boil off is greater than .5 gal every half hour. That's what brought me to adding water to lower the post-boil gravity.
  8. homebrewer_99

    Best way to reduce gravity after the fact?

    I find adding .5 gal of water reduces the gravity by .005 points
  9. homebrewer_99

    Anybody use Omega Hefeweizen Yeast? OLY-021

    I know it's an old thread, but I just check mine...I got 10 gallons of non-drinkable HW. So far, I've used Omega 5 times and every batch has failed. I just dumped 5 gals of Belgian Blonde Ale about 15 minutes ago.
  10. homebrewer_99

    Stupid Joke Thread!

    Two guys in a boat fishing and drinking beer... 1 - I'm thinking about divorcing my wife. 2 - Really? Why? 1 - Well, she never talks to me. 2. - If I were you I'd think that one over. A wife like that is hard to find. Two guys at a bar... 1 - Wadda ya crying about? 2 - My wife just died...
  11. homebrewer_99

    Stupid Joke Thread!

    A man wakes up in the hospital bandaged from head to foot. The doctor comes in and says, "Ah, I see you've regained consciousness. Now, you probably won't remember, but you were in a huge pile-up on the freeway. You're going to be okay, you'll walk again and everything, however, your penis...
  12. homebrewer_99

    So I brewed a shot of beer

    Doesn't mean you should... ; ' )
  13. homebrewer_99

    So I brewed a shot of beer

    Remind me to not invite you to any of my parties. ; ' ) LOL! Great write up btw...
  14. homebrewer_99

    Stupid Joke Thread!

    All I know about chemistry is K9P comes from a dog. All I know about electricity is a TRAN-SISTER is a nun who had a sex change.
  15. homebrewer_99

    Stupid Joke Thread!

    CORONA cures LIME disease...
  16. homebrewer_99

    Stupid Joke Thread!

    A guy knocks on the door of a whorehouse. A little door slides open at eye level. The voice behind the door says: Wadda ya want? The guy says: I wanna get f8cked. The voice says: Push $50 through this door. After he pays the little door closes. He waits and waits and, well after 5...
  17. homebrewer_99

    So I brewed a shot of beer

    They already have Daquiari's and such in the form of frozen slushies in New Orleans and other places.
  18. homebrewer_99

    Hello from the Philly Burbs

    Oddly, the last time I was there was about 10 years ago. Sorry I missed you. ; ' ( I used to visit BAE a lot...I retired in June 2010.
  19. homebrewer_99

    How to reduce head

    How to reduce head...tell her your girlfriend took care of it already...
  20. homebrewer_99

    Hello from the Philly Burbs

    Welcome back Timmy. With Schuylkill River water you'll be brewing up some Schlitz, Schmidt's and Ballentine in no time. (I'm Camden born and raised. Parents were born in Philly. We lived in South Philly too. I've also lived in the K&A...Kensington & Allegheny).