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  1. landoa

    Everything but kitchen sink

    Hello, I've got different quantities of grains on hand and the possibility to brew this Friday. Can I make a beer with this, or just mud?
  2. landoa

    Stout final Gravity and water

    Hello, I brewed a Black is Beautiful stout 10 days ago but am uncertain about its final gravity and the water adjustments made. Here is the recipe for an 11 litre batch ... My OG was 1.066 and I mashed a 154 for 60 mins. I pitched US-05 at 67 and it fermented at 68. After five days the...
  3. landoa

    Black is Beautiful ingredients

    Hello, I would like to make this stout but had to substitute key ingredients that are available here in Switzerland, using this: Brewing grain substitution chart For example, I can't find chocolate malt and had to substitute Carafa Special II, the closest I could find. Also, I we don't have...
  4. landoa

    Vienna Pale Ale

    Hello, I have no base grains Pale Ale, Pilsner or Maris Otter and want to use up malts that I bought in April. I pieced together an ale with Vienna as the hero (of which I only have 1.3 kg). I was inspired by these threads and came up with my own recipe based on ingredients in stock...
  5. landoa

    How much water do I need?

    Hello, Having a bit of trouble understanding how much water I need for this recipe. The recipe clearly states the amounts, but when I plug in the recipe to Brewfather, I come up with different results for water ... see below. Good 'ol standard IPA 60-MINUTE MASH AT 152°F 21⁄2 quarts water...
  6. landoa

    Belgian Blonde with Pale 2-row??

    Hello, I am going to brew this in a few days: 1-Gallon Blonde Ale Recipe - BeerCraftr I compared with other Blonde Ale recipes and they all use pilsner malt. Is it surprising to see a pale malt for this style? Also, I thought a longer mash of 90 minutes is preferred for a pilsner to...
  7. landoa

    3rd Brew - Belgian Dubbel

    Hello, I made this recipe: 1-Gallon Belgian Dubbel Recipe - BeerCraftr Testing the gravity pre-boil has been meaningless for me in the first three batches (1.020, 1.020 and 1.012 this time!). The temperature of the wort was around 150F each time, so the gravity was no doubt a bit higher...
  8. landoa

    2nd BrewDay - dialing in and a few questions

    On today's menu was an American Pale Ale (American Pale Ale II Recipe - BeerCraftr's 1-Gallon Beer Recipes) Struggled with low OG on the first brew, so made these adjustments: milled grain a second time at home with cheese grater (better than nothing); it took a while so I didnt do a 3rd time...
  9. landoa

    Bung and Blow

    Never thought i'd have a thread with that title, but you get the idea .... So, for my blowoff, i've got a bung with a hole. I only have one tube (3/8" I think) that came with the racking cane. Of course, I cant stick the tube in the hole because its too tight. (never thought i'd say that...
  10. landoa

    Aerate before or after pitching yeast?

    I've seen a few videos where the yeast was pitched after aeration. Wouldn't the yeast still need to be mixed in after pitching or do you think simply pouring it in is sufficient?
  11. landoa

    Save time on mash step

    Hello, Just thinking about how to save time during the mash. Some folks do an overnight mash in a mash tun. I have a steel kettle and i'm sure i'd lose too much heat. If the temperature falls below 130F, there problems with bacteria which can be killed off during the boil, but may leave a...
  12. landoa

    Twice milled grain for BIAB - see picture

    So, trying to improve efficiency by grinding grains finer. My LHBS milled the grain for me, but it clearly wasn't adequate for BIAB. The pre-milled grains are in the plastic bag. I ran them through a cheese grater (also used for nuts and grains) and you can see the sample in the plate. Look...
  13. landoa

    Need advice after first brew!

    Hello, I brewed an American IPA a week ago and would like anyone's opinion on how to manage gravity when I brew next week. I used this recipe: American IPA Recipe - BeerCraftr's 1 Gallon Beer Recipes The OG at the end of the mash was catastrophic: 1.020 (target was 1.070). Since I measured...