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  1. SMD

    Candi Syrup, before/mid/end of boil?

    Monday I’m going to be brewing a Belgian Dubbel, my first Belgian beer actually and I’m not sure if I should add the candi syrup at the beginning of the boil, mid boil or end of boil. I know to be wary of scorching and thoroughly integrate, but is there a perceivable difference depending on...
  2. SMD

    Pressure fermentation- calculating priming sugar

    I’ve got a lager fermenting under pressure in a keg right now. I built a spunding valve and I’ve got it set right at 12 PSI. When fermentation is done I want to bottle this lager, however since it’s under pressure now, is there a way to know how much CO2 could potentially be in the beer...
  3. SMD

    Munich Malts- Base or not?

    Yesterday I picked up a bag of Munich malt (as the base malt) for a Dunkel recipe I had planned to make today. I didn’t pay attention to the package after I read it was 10 L Munich, and moved on with picking the rest of my grist. However upon getting home and beginning to mill everything I...
  4. SMD

    Splitting up my brew day/night

    I would really like to get a brew day in this weekend but family activities got me tied up where I can't commit a half day to tending to the mash tun and kettle like I normally would. I have been wondering, has anyone ever done their mash in the night before, collect all your wort and leave it...
  5. SMD

    Cigar box stir plate

    I’ve never made a yeast starter, and after a possibly under pitched lager I decided to MacGuyver up a stir plate with mostly things I had around the house. I did not have anything to dial in speed control with, but it’s only running on a 5V power supply, so I’m assuming this will fit the bill...
  6. SMD

    Understanding my water report

    Can anyone advise which figures I should be using to calculate water chemistry from my water report. There are two separate sections that list Calcium, Sulfate and Alkalinity levels. I would like to make calculations based on the correct source minerals. Thanks in advance!
  7. SMD

    Cleaning corny kegs

    I just picked up two corny kegs off Craigslist for $35 each, which I thought was a steal. However, the previous owner apparently left some beer in them for what he believed was “a few years”. I opened them up and one just smelled like IPA, but the other had some funk to it, like gym locker...
  8. SMD

    WTB Corny Keg St. Louis Area

    I'm about to make the jump to kegging on my next batch. If anyone in the St. Louis area has a corny keg they don't use and are willing to sell I'm interested!
  9. SMD


    As I’m wait for my rhizomes to show up hopefully this month, and contemplating the best place to plant them the thought of rabbits eating my garden plants came to mind. Can anyone advise if they’ve had difficulties with rabbits eating their plants or other pests to be wary of?
  10. SMD

    Greetings from the midwest!

    Hello! I am really excited to find such a wealth of knowledge on homebrewing here. 10-12 years ago I tried doing some extract brewing, but I was always disappointed with my results. I didn't fully understand everything, just the basics. Then a couple months ago I came across all of my brewing...