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  1. CaptainFrank

    CO2 filled in Staten Island

    Anyone out there from Staten Island know where to get CO2 tanks filled?
  2. CaptainFrank

    Stirring strikewater

    I never do but I always wonder if I should stir the water when I get near my strike temperature to get a more uniform temperature reading. Does anyone do this? Should I? Is the water hotter near the flame in the bottom of the kettle?
  3. CaptainFrank

    Didn’t smack a smack pack

    I didn’t realize my wyeast was a smack pack until I opened it and poured it into my mash. I quickly fished the nutrient bag out, still in tact. Guess I’ll give it a couple of days to see what happens. I’m guessing/hoping the mash will be nutrient enough. Anyone ever do this before?
  4. CaptainFrank

    Pretty advanced question I think

    If my brewhouse efficiency in BeerSmith is set at 72% and it determines 1.065 og, than what was my real brewhouse efficiency if I got 1.052 og? What’s the formula?
  5. CaptainFrank

    Too much trub

    Did my first all grain/ biab. I did a 2 gallon smash with 5lb of Vienna malt. I mashed the grain in 2.5gals of water in a paint strainer bag because I forgot to buy a proper bag. When all was done I had a ton of trub. I use a turkey baster to extract beer for gravity testing and I couldn’t do it...