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  1. firerat

    First Brew Competition

    I know I'm a dork but I'm entering my first homebrew competition tomorrow and I'm nervous as hell. It's a bit different in I'm not just bottling a few and having them judged. No this is more of a homebrew festival where I'm bringing a keg and being judged!! I know I sound like a wanker but I'm...
  2. firerat

    Late Night Brewers

    My newest adventure in my brewing, um, career i guess for lack of better word is late night brewing. I have 2 kids under 5 and my wife being a nurse working many weekends tends to go to bed early Friday nights. Which makes certain Friday nights the perfect time to brew! Tonight marks my 3rd...
  3. firerat

    Baby Makin'

    I've been married now for 5 years and am finally ready to reproduce. Which means a lot of hanky panky. Which I love. However, this bangy dangy on a schedule stuff is going to drive me nuts. If you want to get sloppy, let's do it. But my life is schedules. Don;t make my sex life one too...
  4. firerat

    Cold Yeast Pitch Question

    On Saturday I brewed a nothing special Pale Ale. I use the no chill brewing method. I've done it a few times now with success. What I usually do is after the boil I drain my wort into my fermenter bucket and put it into my mini-fridge fermentation chamber with temperature control for...
  5. firerat

    No Secondary / Primary temps

    Hey yall. Ok I brewed a Two Hearted Ale PM clone 2 weeks ago and it's about time to dry hop. I used to use a secondary for no other reason other than only having 1 primary and only room for one vessel in my temp controlled mini fridge. I would secondary in 5 gallon white home depot...
  6. firerat

    Force Carb Room Temp

    Ok pardon my newbness here. I've been kegging for a bit but I've never force carbed, just primed. But I'm getting tired of dumping the sediment filled first glass and always one to try new things, I want to try force carbing. Unfortunately, my current set-up will only hold 1 keg at a...
  7. firerat

    1000W Hot Plate for Maintaining Temp

    I googled this and couldn't really get a good answer. Would a 1000 W portable electric burner be enough to MAINTAIN (not get to temp) 2-3 gallons of water in a aluminum pot? I'm planning on using my propane burner to get to 155°F then transfer the pot to the hotplate which will be...
  8. firerat

    Party Pig Mini Fridge

    Ok this may sound like a goofy question, but what is the smallest mini fridge I could get for a Party pig to fit. My wife won't let me keep the little bugger in out kitchen fridge. I can't really argue with her because, well she's my wife, and she let's me brew with minimal complaints. I...
  9. firerat

    My God Weddings Are A Pain!!!

    I'm getting married to my beautiful fiance' in January. I proposed to her back in February, and my God has this year been a whirlwind!! Guest lists, measurements, groomsmen measurements, DJ's, photographers, caterers, seating charts, getting everyone to RSVP on time, marriage licence...
  10. firerat

    Aquarium Syphon

    I'm just wondering, would an aquarium syphon such as this...
  11. firerat

    Hello From S. Florida

    Hello everybody. This is Danny from down south in the sunshine state. I'm never really good with these intro things so bear with me. Let's see, I like long walks....j/k. I've been wanting to brew my favorite beverage for quite some time but certain circumstances (namely my fiance':mad:)...