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  1. sdhucks7

    First Honey beer

    Ok, this is my first attempt at my own recipe. I am going to try a Honey beer for the SWMBO. I found this recipe online and changed a couple of things and would like anyone's opinion on it. I plan on brewing this one this week, so if anyone has any suggestions on what i should change it...
  2. sdhucks7

    A little notice?

    There I was just skipping through my days "tra la la la la" enjoying all the wonderous sights of When all of a sudden BAM ads everywhere:confused:! And no fight club:mad:? What did I do (I think to myself) have I offended Tx? Has the forum changed and I didnt know? Nope just...
  3. sdhucks7

    Anybody know if this will work as a mill?

    It is a flour mill that a friend of mind got for like 15 bucks. It does look to be adjustible. Anyone seen anything like this before? SD
  4. sdhucks7

    Sapporo beer cans

    I am looking for a picture of a 2liter sapporo can. Does anyone know where I might find one? I have serached their website and the web also. When I was in college we drank loads of this stuff and we got it in this big can that had a twist off top (like a soda bottle) and a detachable handle...
  5. sdhucks7

    double header day

    Today was my first try at a two brew day. First off was Edworts Haus Pale ale. Mashed a little high 154, but that seems to be my method of operation since all of my all grains have been mashed about there. But I ended up with 5.5 in the primary at 1.045 so it was close enough for me. Next up...
  6. sdhucks7

    For all hard core rap fans and haters!

    Ok I am not sure if this is how you do this or not but this is one of the funniest things I have ever seen!:ban::ban: SD
  7. sdhucks7

    In Vegas right now

    What do I do? I am sitting at the Planet Hollywood as I type. where should i go and what should i do? suggestions????
  8. sdhucks7

    Holy Crap it works

    Ok here we go (this may be long I am not sure yet just warning any readers). Today was my third attempt at an all grain brew. The first two didnt go so well both had stuck sparges and the first one only ended up with about 3 gal in the fermentor(so i sprayed about 2 more in with a garden hose...
  9. sdhucks7

    rambling (long)

    Ok I think I am drnuk but i am in the middle of my first AG and dadgum it! I have had a stuck sparge (uggggg) spilled grains and wort on my garage floor. (by the way doing Biermunchers C3C) only got about 5.5 in the kettle waiting on it to boil. I have had a few rogue deadguy ale's and more...
  10. sdhucks7

    Saw a good show last night

    Went to the Journey, Heart and Cheap Trick show last night and all I can say is wow. I had seen Cheap Trick a few times before and missed most of their part of the show last night but they always put on a good show. I was amazed to see Heart for the first time. Those girls are amazing...
  11. sdhucks7

    A weekend of firsts.

    Here goes. This last weekend I had a couple of "firsts". I brewed my first non kit batch, Yoopers Rogue Dead Guy Clone (extract). I cant wait to try it i loved the smell when it was going in the fermenter! Durning this brew session had my first real boilover! Boy was this a big mess had...
  12. sdhucks7

    Dumping OxyClean

    Ok this may be a dumb question (I seem to be full of them today just ask my SWMBO) but where do you dump your OxyClean after you have soaked in it? I mean does it go in the driveway? on the lawn? will it kill your grass? do you carry it inside and dump it down the kitchen sink? I bought a...
  13. sdhucks7

    Is this a CO2 Tank?

    Just bought this for 5bucks but i can find anything that says if it is a CO2 tank or something else. I figured for 5bucks it couldnt hurt to buy it. Anyone got any ideas? (hope this attachment thing works) SD
  14. sdhucks7

    Fishing in Mexico

    Ok you guys have proved a very reliable source for All kinds of info so I figured I would ask the pro's at HBT. I am going to be getting married in Mexico on May 13th, we are staying at the Moon Palace Golf Resort. 1st question is have any of you stayed there and if so what did you think of...
  15. sdhucks7

    Pond Pump

    Ok i am in a bind here. I have a small fish pond in my back yard. Its about 7' across and maybe 3' deep with a dual waterfall. The problem is that in the last year i have had 2 different pumps in this thing and both of them have pooped out on me. Anyone else out there have this problem? Or...
  16. sdhucks7

    Is it just me?

    I signed up for the Premium Membership last week, got my paypal recipt on Tuesday of last week and i am not able to access any of the Member only sites. I could be crazy or stupid (both on some occasions) but am i doing something wrong? I click on a members only thread and it says i did not...
  17. sdhucks7

    I hate bottling

    That is it. I just spent the better part of 3 hours this morning bottling up some Cream Ale. I could not believe that it took that long! I wasnt even hung over! Dang i got to get into keggin, and fast. Just wanted to put that out there. SD
  18. sdhucks7

    I may have messed up but.

    Ok i have a Brewers Best Red Ale in my secondary. I brewed it on 11-11-07. When i put it in primary the Gravity was 1.038 a little lower than what the directions said (they said 1.042-1.045) i may have read the hydrometer wrong this was my first attempt after all, or forgot to take into...
  19. sdhucks7

    Round 2

    Ok so i did my second extract this morning. It was another Brewer's Best kit (my first was the Red Ale) the American Cream Ale. I was more carefull with the santiation this time and did not leave the lid on the boil. The first time i kept the lid partially on the pot to keep the boil going...
  20. sdhucks7

    First Time

    Well I brewed my first batch of beer this weekend. It was a Red Ale from Brewers Best. It all went as smooth as I could expect for the first time I guess. My stove had a hard time with the boil, I think I may have had too much water in the pot, and there was about 3 gal in there. Because of...