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  1. Evets


    Ok, so while the baby was simmering, I mean napping, I thought I try a new to me bagel recipe and procedure. I must say, without having eaten one yet, that these are the best bagels I've ever made! In fact, if these don't turn out "to die for", I just may kill myself! :cross:
  2. Evets

    Blood in the Water

    My wife showed this to me today.
  3. Evets

    Maple Syrup

    Anyone making their own syrup? I thought I'd give it a try. I bought some spiles and a how-to manual and tapped my trees today. The sap started dripping immediately. Unfortunately, I only have Silver maples as opposed to Sugar maples. From what I've read though, they should still work, but I'll...
  4. Evets

    Old Beer and Pizza

    Thought I'd go through some 3-4 year old beers in the cellar and fire up the pizza oven. I found a Vertical Epic 8 clone, a Munich Dunkel, a Belgian Strong(man did this ever get good!) and even a RIS someone sent me from the 08/08/08 brewswap! Boy, was that ever tasty too!:drunk:
  5. Evets

    F^@%(&g kids!

    I received an email from my internet provider stating that we have committed our third piracy offense, and that my service will be suspended for at least two weeks. Seems my adult daughters can't get it through their heads that it is illegal to use bit torrent to download movies. Three strikes...
  6. Evets

    R.I.P. Earl Scruggs

    Fare thee well, Mr. Scruggs. I'm glad I got to shake your hand one time, at least.
  7. Evets

    Pizza in the Wood-Fired Oven

    I figured I'd start a new thread for last nights pizza bake. I made five pizzas altogether. Two classic margharitas, two pepperoni and one with fig and gorgonzola. The hearth was a little too hot for the first pie and I got a little too much char on the bottom, but not enough to ruin it by any...
  8. Evets

    Steaks on the Wood-Fired Oven

    The other day, I made N.Y. strips on my new "Tuscan" grill in the wfo. At 800 degrees, it only takes a few minutes for medium well. Full of smokey juicy goodness, and so much tastier than a gas grill.
  9. Evets

    I've got this beer..................

    ..........that I finally bottled after over a full year in secondary. In October '09 I was diagnosed with lung cancer. Luckily, It was a very early detection of a fairly non-aggressive strain. After loosing half a lung, I have since made a pretty much full recovery. Anyway, I told you that...
  10. Evets

    Old Grain

    Hi guys. I'm an experienced all-grain brewer, but due to health reasons, haven't brewed in about a year. I'd like to get back to it now and was wondering if my old unmilled grain might still be usable. I have over half a sack of Dingemans Pils, a little less than half a sack of Bairds MO and...
  11. Evets

    Lovin my Oven

    I've only been cooking in it for a little over a week and it's all been pretty basic, but I'm really loving this kind of cooking.
  12. Evets

    Help my Friend an organic pizza making contest. By simply watching a short video, a vote is cast. One vote per email per day. Just once will be good enough, as the deadline is Friday. Thanks.
  13. Evets

    SWMBO asked me to make pizza

    for her work-mates. This is all I could come up with in a hurry. (Shameless Promotion) I hope they like them!
  14. Evets

    Happy Birthday, Yooper!

    Take the day off and do what you please! :mug:
  15. Evets

    This kid ROCKS

    How tasty is this? Trey is friend of my sons'. They grew up playing music together. Now, my son is damn good, but I gotta say that Trey takes it to another level. Check out the "True Fire Studios"video and the 2006 Guitar Player video. Enjoy
  16. Evets

    Go get em, Tiger
  17. Evets

    Good News for Me

    I just met with the surgeon who removed half of my lung three weeks ago. The pathology report came back negative for cancer. He says I'm clean as a whistle, as it were. Of course, I'll have to have a chest x-ray every six months for the next five years, but I can live with that. I'm still a...
  18. Evets

    I'm Home

    I'm from my lung-ectomy(not the real term). It's nice to be home, kickin back in my nice new leather LaZboy. I feel sort of ok, I guess. It's not too painfull, but I get out of breath really quickly. I suppose I could feel worse. If I could just have myself a good BM.....................
  19. Evets

    Big Day Tomorrow

    This time tomorrow I'll be in surgery, losing half a lung. Wish me luck.
  20. Evets

    Happy Birthday to Me

    Yep, todays my birthday. 53 years old. And as a gift, I got the results of my lung biopsy today. Cancer. Yep! It's just a small tumor though and doesn't appear to have spread anywhere else. Tomorrow I'll find out when I can get it removed. Wish me luck. Happy birthday to me.:(