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  1. rmullins

    Rebel Brewer

    I've placed 8 separate orders with RebelBrewer this year and the service has been terrific. The prices are very competitive, and they have terrific turnaround time. I placed my last two orders on Monday nights, received a FedEx shipping confirmation on Tuesday, and delivered Thursday (Going...
  2. rmullins

    My mobile motorized Grain Mill/Work Table

    Using InfernoBrew's build as my starting point ( I built this over the past two weekends. The top of the table is on hinges so that I can lift it open to access the grain mill. I've got my Monster Mill 3 Roller...
  3. rmullins

    Mash Temperature too high

    Brewing BierMunchers Sierra Nevada clone and my HLT was accidentally at 180 instead of 160 (temp probe didn't go in far enough so the burner didn't shut off) and I recirculated for about 10 minutes. Took a look at the mash temp and it was at 169 (Target of 154). Is this salvageable?"
  4. rmullins

    Help me Motorize my MM-3

    Just got my Monster Mill 3 with the 1.5" rollers and the 1/2" drive shaft and am planning on building a milling station, but could use some help planning the motorizing components. I have read every thread that I can find on here, but I am not an engineer, so a lot of went over my head (if...
  5. rmullins

    Yeast Starter issues. Could use advice

    Brewing a wheat beer on Sunday. 10g at 1.043. Plug in my white labs info into mr malty and get a 3.55L starter with a single vial. So I get going and realize I only have 265g of DME. I actually ended up with 4L in the flask that is currently on the stove as i needed some extra water to get the...
  6. rmullins

    My portable display with 3 taps

    Built this out of maple the past two weeks. The shanks/faucets are through a piece of Redwood that I had in the garage. Above the faucets is plywood that I painted with chalkboard paint. I just need to varnish the frame. Kegs will be in a garbage can with ice
  7. rmullins

    Should I be using a starter?

    Two questions on yeast starters. 1. I have never used them and haven't had any issues using Wyeast smack packs, any reasons I should switch to using starters? 2. I do 10 gallon batches, but split up my batch into two 6.5g better bottles. What would be the best way to do a starter and make...
  8. rmullins

    Just force carbed for the first time

    Just force-carbed my first keg but did not hear any sound through the regulator. The gauge was showing the PSI I wanted and the valve was open to the keg but I didn't get any noise. When I was done I released the pressure through the second valve on the regulator and it definitely was flowing...
  9. rmullins

    It's BREW DAY

    Brewing an Extract Pale Ale right now. Just pulled out my bag of grains from steeping and getting my water back up to a boil. Wanted to brew yesterday for 777 but just didn't get around to picking up stuff. Got the yankee game on TV, the pot on the stove, and my homebrew brown ale, so life...
  10. rmullins

    First brew a succcess

    Well just popped open a bottle of my first homebrew (English Brown Ale, 1 week in primary, 3 weeks conditioning in bottles) and it came out great. I have been so swamped with work these past three weeks (16-17 hour days) that I haven't even had a chance to get my second brew going. Hopefully...
  11. rmullins

    My first labels

    I'm not too skilled with photoshop (I do a lot of photography but not a lot of image creation)
  12. rmullins

    How badly have I just screwed up? (Crushed MaltC)

    my first solo brew (and first brew in almost 2 years). I am doing an english brown ale kit which included amber malt extract, dry amber malt extract, and crushed crystal malt 60L. I think I was supposed to put the crushed malt into my muslin cloth bag (In my directions it says to pour the...