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    Oxidation and butterfly valves?

    I got a SS Brewtech Unitank a little less than a year ago and keep thinking about the potential for oxygen ingress when opening the butterfly valve. I am thinking specifically about the racking port. For instance, I use a 1.5 TC to 3/16 barb to transfer to kegs. There will be air in the transfer...
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    Ropiness or slime in saniclean

    I've been purging kegs by filling with sanitizer and using CO2 to displace it. After leaving some saniclean sitting in a keg for a couple of weeks, I noticed that there is a mucous-like slime in the bottom of the keg. Has anyone else encountered this? I've never seen this kind of thing with star...
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    Wyeast 1056 swelling pack and cherry aroma?

    I have a pack of Wyeast 1056 (expiring May 2021) that swelled in the refrigerator. It has been stored continuously in my 37 degree fridge since I received it. When I opened the pack, there was a low but perceptible cherry aroma that I've never noticed in WLP001 or Wyeast 1056. I thought at first...
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    Engine block/oil pan/battery heaters?

    I'm looking for a heating solution for my conical fermenter and would like to be able to heat up into the 90s for saison and kveik yeast. Most of the carboy heaters will not really fit under a neoprene jacket - they're the wrong shape. For a 7 gal conical, it seems like the Spike 85W cone heater...
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    California SOLD 10 gallon corny keg

    Up for sale is a 10g ball lock corny keg. I used it for several batches and it works great. Like most of the 10gal kegs out there, this one requires an oversize o-ring (included) and takes about 10 lbs of pressure to seal. It is a perfect size to ferment a 6 gal batch with no chance of blowoff...
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    WTB 10 gal corny keg

    Preferably ball lock. Shipping would be to 95616.
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    Oregon Megapot, burner, immersion chiller, mash tun (Portland OR)

    I made a few upgrades to the brewery (gone electric) and have a few items that I no longer need. I'm looking to sell: Bayou Classic sq-14 burner and stand $30 obo Copper immersion chiller. I don't know how long it is, but it is sufficient to cool a 6 gallon batch to pitching temp in less than...
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    Kegerator Sanyo 4912 SF Bay Area $200

    **SOLD** I'm selling my Sanyo 4912 kegerator. Asking $200. Pickup only from my house in 94609. As you can see, it has one tap on the front. It will include the fridge itself, a stainless steel shank with tailpiece, a faucet and handle (pictured), and the liquid line assembly with a ball-lock...
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    WTB: Propane burner and cylinder (Bay Area)

    As the title says, I'm looking to buy a propane burner like a Bayou sq-14. I'm in Oakland. I also need a 20 lb cylinder and would be interested in buying one of those if you have a spare too (must be the modern type with OPD). Cheers Max
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    Wanted - Son of Fermentation Chiller or Similar (Bay Area)

    I'm hoping that someone out there has moved on to bigger and better fermentation temperature control and might want to get rid of an old box. I'll pay up to $50. I think that it has to be local (SF Bay Area) to be worthwhile. Cheers Max
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    Draft Tower vs. Shank Thru Door?

    I just purchased a Sanyo 4912 (open-box at Best Buy!) and I'm pondering how to best set it up. I've seen a lot of draft tower modifications, but it seems like it ought to be just as easy to put shanks through the front door and have front-mounted taps. Is there a good reason to have a draft...
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    Great Lakes Eliot Ness Clone?

    Howdy Folks, I was wondering if anyone has tried making the GLBC Eliot Ness recipe in Clone Brews? Since leaving the midwest, that's a beer I find myself missing pretty frequently. Pumped on nitrogen it was divine. Thanks Max
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    What to do about this disaster?

    I woke up this morning and found that the fermentation lock on my carboy of Who's in the Garden Grand Cru had become clogged and the fermentation lock and bung were blown clean off of the carboy. Is there anything to be done at this point? I washed and sanitized the lock and re-attached it. I'm...