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  1. sdhucks7

    So who's brewing this weekend?

    For the first time in about 8months i am brewing my Mild in the morning! good to back in the swing of things! SD
  2. sdhucks7

    Vegas Beer destinations?

    Houfbrau house! not sure if i spelled this right but it rocks!
  3. sdhucks7

    Irish Stout Ode To Arthur, Irish Stout (Guinness Clone)

    Brewed up 5 gal of this yesterday with williamette and a touch of chocolate malt. horrible brewday stuck sparge (turns out my braid was crushed) took about 8 hours start to finish but man that hydrometer sample tasted good! ended up with just under 5gal in the bucket with a OG @ 1.044 :ban...
  4. sdhucks7

    Noob from OK

    Welcome from another Okie! Lots of good people and info on here. SD
  5. sdhucks7

    Any brew-software for Android?

    Great! thats my one gripe also! SD
  6. sdhucks7

    Any brew-software for Android?

    I can't find the free version either just the beta SD
  7. sdhucks7

    So who's brewing this weekend?

    Just mashed in 10gal of Mild. First brew in about 6 months. gonna be a great day! SD
  8. sdhucks7

    hello from Oklahoma

    Welcome form NW OKC sd
  9. sdhucks7

    Hello from Oklahoma!

    Welcome. Lots of info around here and good people also! sd
  10. sdhucks7

    Mash Paddle Giveaway

    I want in.. woohoo!
  11. sdhucks7

    Names of some horrible movies needed

    Oh yeah just remembered "Hell comes to Frogtown" with Rowdy Roddy Piper horrible and classic
  12. sdhucks7

    Names of some horrible movies needed

    Breaking 2 electric boogaloiu (sp?) and beat street!
  13. sdhucks7

    Honey ipa

    I just brewed a 10gal batch of i guess you would call Honey Beer. I added 2lbs of honey malt to the mash. The hydro samples taste great but it will sit in primary for another week to make around 2 to 2 1/2 weeks. Mine was more of an APA. Opps just saw this was in extract brewing. sorry. SD
  14. sdhucks7

    So who's brewing this weekend?

    Mash water started right now for 10gal of Honey i'm Beer. My first honey beer! Also Kegging 5 gal of mild later! SD
  15. sdhucks7

    Any brew-software for Android?

    Ok i just found this thread. I have had my android for a few months and was wondering if anyone had tried the one brewing calculator that is in the market. I have nothing to add to the discussion just adding my reply so i can find this thread just in case someone comes up with a good app. SD
  16. sdhucks7

    First Honey beer

    What i am looking for is just a hint of honey flavor and aroma. This is a 10gal batch so i didnt think the hops would be to overwelming, but i am open to any suggestions on that. SD
  17. sdhucks7

    First Honey beer

    Only Honey Malt. From what i read that using actual honey the honey all ferments out and doesnt add much to the taste. although i could be completly wrong on that.
  18. sdhucks7

    First Honey beer

    Ok, this is my first attempt at my own recipe. I am going to try a Honey beer for the SWMBO. I found this recipe online and changed a couple of things and would like anyone's opinion on it. I plan on brewing this one this week, so if anyone has any suggestions on what i should change it...
  19. sdhucks7

    New in Oklahoma

    Welcome from another OKIE. There are several others on here also. Lots of information on here and very helpful people. Now fire up that kettle and brew some! SD
  20. sdhucks7

    Big Junkyard score today!!!

    Boarder of PA and Oklahoma huh??? :drunk: )goes to look for durnk map( Good score! SD