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    is it possible to alter the taste of a beer kit?

    I have been given a can of Coopers Australian dark ale. It makes 23 litres/5gallons. I usually do smaller batches since I cannot lift 23 kilograms. So I was going to put this beer kit and associated sterile water into two 10L/2.5G fermenters. And I thought, why not try and make 2 flavours...
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    coffee mead finally drinkable!! 6 years..

    HA!! we cracked open a bottle of coffee mead that I made in April 2014 last night. When I made it the recipe said it had to age for a long time.... they were right! every 6 months or so we would try it and each time it was very harsh and "ashy". Finally at 6 years it is more mellow and...
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    mixing wines..and next batch

    I made two batches of wine, both good but not great. I mixed the two and got a great, multi-layered wine. I am interested in making it again. Should I make two separate wines and mix the two or mix all the ingredients and make one wine?
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    spruce and or fir beer

    has anyone out there got any experience with spruce or fir tip beer? what is the difference I flavour?
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    how long to age coffee mead

    Good evening I have a batch of coffee mead made in 2014 that I have been patiently trying to age into palatability. But I am running out of patience and shelf space. It has been gradually improving, but still tastes like an ashtray. Does anyone know how long is reasonable for a...
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    what types of beer are good to sour?

    Hi I have just started exploring the world of sour beers .. I have made one batch, a sour cream ale which seems good, and wold like to make another (different) batch. What types/flavours of beer are appropriate to sour (specifically lacto souring)? Does it have to be light beers...