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  1. Kubed

    Questions about a Magic Hat #9 clone...

    Bump! I’ve found that #9 clones need more time than you would think to mellow out. I tired one after a month of bottle conditioning, and it was too harsh. Ended up putting it away for 5 months (kinda forgot about it). I threw a few in the fridge the other day, cracked one open tonight...
  2. Kubed

    New Bud Lager Glass

    I just saw the commercial for this and started to laugh. Follow Boston Brewery marketing much? :D
  3. Kubed

    LHBS ups the $$$$

    Man, I was going to post a link to the keg setup I got off of keg connection, but midwest actually has a better deal. Nice find! Before you order, put an ad out on your local craig's list for a CO2 tank. I was able to pick up a 20lb one from a local homebrewer for dirt cheap.
  4. Kubed

    ALWAYS stress the signature requirement

    Apparently we've touched upon a nerve here. I've got no problem with you viewing what I said as being "abusive and rude" because I found the tone of your reply to be exactly the same. I have a hard time believing that you would still be in business after 7+ years if you really talked to your...
  5. Kubed

    ALWAYS stress the signature requirement

    You can remind the supplier that they don't need to wait for fedex before they send your replacement. No reason for you to suffer as this is between them and fedex. If they're really dragging their feet on it, say "that's ok." Cancel the charge with your CC co and order from someone else.
  6. Kubed

    ALWAYS stress the signature requirement

    Man, I just checked on a copper order I made, saw that they tried to deliver it on friday, but didn't because no one was home. I was a little bummed that they didn't leave it, but after reading your story, I'm lucky that DHL was on their game. If you haven't already done so, make 2 calls...
  7. Kubed

    Portable draft device

    Great guys! Yet another project I have to add to the "to do" list! Very Nice Setups!
  8. Kubed

    Is it possible to die from drinking beer?

    Malt.... Check Hops....Check Yeast...Check Anti-freeze.... Check.... oh crap!
  9. Kubed

    What beer set you free?

    This was our beer of choice in high school. That sort of ruined all of us for BMC. :mug:
  10. Kubed

    Is it possible to die from drinking beer?

    Yep. She did a shoot for FHM magazine a while ago and they have some of her pics up.
  11. Kubed

    51 bottles in 1hr20min.

    Ditto... but that's letting the dish washer do the work for me :D
  12. Kubed

    Is it possible to die from drinking beer?

    Oh, and in response to the few posts I saw about "well I used to drink XXXX and I was fine" .... remember, not all versions of alcohol dehydrogenase are made equal. "Lightweights" and "heavyweights" are real things when you're talking about alcohol metabolism. Last month we admitted a...
  13. Kubed

    Is it possible to die from drinking beer?

    Fully admitting that I read some, but not all of this thread, this may have been answered: a person can die of alcohol poisoning from consuming only beer. The scenario plays out like this: person starts drinking beer, and keeps drinking beer until they reach a point where they start peeing...
  14. Kubed

    Funny Ebay feedback

    The one negative one is actually serious... and is even funnier in light of the other one's "SELLERS BEWARE -- just plain delusional"
  15. Kubed

    My annual Ticketmaster rant

    Well congratulations to her! What's she going into?
  16. Kubed

    traveling with my carboy

    I drove with a 6.5gal carboy from phoenix to vegas and had no problems. ... and yes, it was VERY mixed after the trip. :mug:
  17. Kubed

    MoreBeer Deal of the Day

    Ugh, damn you! It's not like I didn't have enough stuff to do everyday! :D
  18. Kubed

    forgot to refrigerate yeast for 6 hrs

    Plus, if you so make a starter, you can use just a little bit of the original strain, preserving the rest for future brewing sessions.
  19. Kubed

    Liquid for Air Lock

    I've slowly been working my way though all the bad vodka I've collected. Works great in the airlock!