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  1. dzamba

    How many home brewers are in Queens/NYC?

    I was wondering if anyone has a rough estimate of the number of home brewers are in Queens and in NYC.
  2. dzamba

    Brewday with new 10 Gal MLT & Manifold

    Thinking my next purchase will be a sparge arm My closet smells really good today. I've got 4 going right now.
  3. dzamba

    Austin Homebrew Rogue Imperial IPA clone not an Imperial IPA?

    I was going to brew a batch of this IIPA this weekend but as it turns out it's not an Imperial IPA. It's even a little light in the SRM department to be considered an American IPA. 15 lbs of American 2-Row (the site says 16 but they only gave me 15) 1 oz Newport 60 min 1 oz Cascade 30...
  4. dzamba

    Does this look like a good buy?

    I am looking for a simple kegging system so I can control the carbonation better. I would also like to bottle less, so I figured I can fill up a few growlers too. 1 Tap Home Brewing Kit 1 Cornelius Keg and CO2 Tank - eBay (item 290306055757 end time Apr-26-09 18:02:13 PDT)
  5. dzamba

    Who's brewing this weekend?

    I'm gonna try a batch of APA this weekend if SWMBO doesn't kill me after my last disaster.
  6. dzamba

    Anybody going to the Cask Ale Fest in Chelsea Piers NYC this weekend?

    It looks like it's gonna be awesome. 45 ales on cask. Goddamn I can't wait. The 3rd Manhattan Cask Ale Festival at Chelsea Brewing Company
  7. dzamba

    Brew day disaster

    I was brewing a half batch of APA on Saturday and I had more problems than I can count. I hit my 152 mash temp, no problemo. When I added some more water to the mash to get to 170 I must have disturbed the grain bed. When I tried to vorlauf it was stuck. I tried everything: scraping the top of...
  8. dzamba

    Another "Does this look infected?" Thread

    Sorry. I was hoping to bottle today, but I think I caught something. Does anyone recomend bottling today anyway.
  9. dzamba

    What the F*ck was that? Growler Bomb

    I had a few growlers in my bedroom and one of them expolded a few feet away from me this morning in my sleep. The worst part is I don't know why. The FG was on target @ 1.013. I quickly put all the remaining bottles from the batch in the fridge. Now I'm gonna lie down and try to stop shaking.
  10. dzamba

    Dryhopped Barleywine

    Before and after racking
  11. dzamba

    Champagne Yeast to carbonate barleywine

    I heard that some barleywines will not carbonate well with priming sugar alone, and that some brewers use champagne yeast to carbonate it. How does this work? Do I add the yeast to the bottling bucket while I'm racking... and do I still use priming sugar?
  12. dzamba

    Young's Double Chocolate Stout

    I went to my local beer store the day before yesterday and I found Young's in a can complete with a widget! It really helped make my new years special. They also had Mother's Milk, this is a great treat too. I've only had them on draft before.
  13. dzamba

    Too much ginger

    Please help. I think I added too much ginger to my ale. I am a week in the primary, can anyone think of something to balance the flavor so it doesn't have such a bitter/sour aftertaste? Here's the recipe: 6.6 Lbs LME 8oz. Dark Crystal Grains (steeped for 30 min) 2oz. Pillgrim Hops...
  14. dzamba

    fermentation stopped too early

    og was 1.090 big barleywine but it stopped at 1.026. should I repitch to try to get it down a little more? what if I tried a different type of yeast?
  15. dzamba

    Do I need to repitch yeast?

    I made my first starter yeast on Saturday for Sunday brew day. Airlock was bubbling Sat night and Sunday morning. The beer is a imperial ipa with a sg 1.090. I pitched the yeast at 3:00 PM yesterday and there is no visable signs of fermentation. Should I have waited longer before...
  16. dzamba

    Brewing with fruit

    Just for a little added flavor I cut up 3 peaches put half in the wort after the boil and "dry peached" the other half in the primary. I was just wondering how this will effect the SG.
  17. dzamba

    Hop plugs vs Hop pellets

    I like the plugs a little better. They are easier to filter from the wort, and it doesn't look like a bunch of crap in the kettle. I just can't find them as easy as the pellets and they are generally more expensive. The hop leaves are a nice choice too.
  18. dzamba

    1st Lager (problem)

    I cooled it to 75 before I pitched the German lager yeast. Left it overnight and I didn't notice any activity. In haste I decided it was too warm and refregirated it all day while I was at work. It's now 50 degrees. Still no activity, no foam in the inside of container.So I moved it into the...
  19. dzamba

    Dzamba Brewing Co. Scotch and Summer

    Here are label's for 2 ales that are botteling now. What do you think? sorry for posting it on google. i'm running through a strict firewall
  20. dzamba

    Honey Ale

    Good afternoon, I brewed a batch of ale and added honey 48 hours after fermentation started. I took a hydromatic reading before I pitched the yeast, but not before I added the honey. I think the beer will more dense with the honey added. Is there a way to take an accurate reading when...