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  1. skemp45

    Finished my home office/brew research lab!

    i go back to work tomorrow after being off for 12 weeks for paternity leave and we finished my home office just in time before going back! now I have a good space to work and a place for all my equipment!! pics
  2. skemp45

    Starting over... What would you do?

    Hey all, its been a long time since I have been active but here I am again! I got out of hombrewing a while back and I finally have the time and space to brew again YAY!:rock: I want to brew all grain on electric and I want to use an all in one unit so I can mash and boil in the same unit...
  3. skemp45

    Beers about bones

    My chiropractor said he was wanting to get into craft beer and I wanted to bring him a couple beers but also make a joke out of it. Does anyone know any beers with bones or spine in the name?
  4. skemp45

    Arizona Golden light DME

    I have a bunch of Briess Golden Light DME and I am getting ready to move and would like to move without it. I have it broken up into 3 lb ZipLock bags. I will sell them for $5 per 3lb bag. Shipping will depend on your zip code. Message me or comment if you are interested.
  5. skemp45

    Moving to Cypress From Arizona

    Hello everyone, I will be moving to Cypress Texas within the next 6 months. I am very active in the beer scene here in Arizona, we have a Local Home brew club and we all also track down beers from all over and have bottle shares monthly. I will be looking to get into this right away in Cypress/...
  6. skemp45

    [Version 2 Release] RaspberryPints - Digital Taplist Solution

    (Current Version) Hot Fix 2.0.1 Hello all, :mug: This is the official thread for the Version 2 release of RaspberryPints the Free Digital Taplist. Below are the links to the first thread about creating this program and the second link is a link to the first (V1) release thread. First...
  7. skemp45

    Arizona Excess Brewing Supplies!

    ALL prices do not include shipping. Post for shipping costs 7lb jugs of Sorghum Syurp unopened (3 total) $13 each + shipping Belgian candy syrup D, D2, and C. unopened $5 each Yellow, Purple, and Red bottle wax unopened $8 each 1 lb bags of Rice Syrup Solids unopened (5 total)...
  8. skemp45

    Hop Profiles

    There may be a posting for this already but here is a great break down for all Hops. Source ADMIRAL 11-15% Bittering Said to be citrusy, orange flavored. A good compliment hop to Targets. Good dual purpose hop. Use For: English style IPA and other...
  9. skemp45

    Gluten Free Chocolate Coffee Stout!

    3 Gallon Batch Grains: 1 lb toasted GF rolled oats(These were soaked in brewed coffee for 10 min then spread on a pan and dried out in the oven then steeped in for 10 minutes at 150-160 Degrees) 2 lbs Belgian Candi Syrup (DARK2) (at 90 min) 3 lbs liquid sorghum extract (at 90 min) Hops...
  10. skemp45

    Wild Yeast hunt (WOOOMP WOOOMP)

    Well..... looks like my first attempt was a fail for catching wild yeast :(
  11. skemp45

    Arizona DME (Golden Light, Amber)

    I picked up 100 pounds of DME on the discount and Decided WELL I wont use it all so... 50LBS Amber DME 50LBS Golden Light DME I will sell pound by pound minimum of 3 pounds. $3.39 a pound saving you about $1.11 a Pound. (I want $3 a pound but paypal fees cause the 39 cent increase.) You...
  12. skemp45

    well THAT was a good deal!!

    Well a local homebrew store was closing down and was offering awesome deals on all of their stuff so.... I picked up 100lbs of DME... 50 pounds of golden light and 50 lbs of amber, now what to do with it all?????:tank:
  13. skemp45

    Man Caves- The vicarious edition

    I may have missed the thread but could not find one and have really had the home buyers itch. We are looking to buy our first home soon and I am looking for some awesome ideas for my home brewery/Man Cave setup, can we get some pictures of the best setups here? Please allow me to live...
  14. skemp45

    Arizona Double Tap Kegerator Tower (Stainless Steel)

    I have a brand new double tap tower still in the box for sale. It is 100% stainless steel and comes with: (2) Stainless steel faucet heads (2) 4’ vinyl beer line jumpers with stainless steel tail pieces (1) Black plastic facet knobs (1) Mounting gasket I bought this in plans to make...
  15. skemp45

    Your HomeBrew Website

    I could not find a thread on this so I am going to go ahead and start one. Have any of you created a website for your "home brew company", if you will. If you have I would love to see them. :mug:
  16. skemp45

    Shawn Kemp (Not the Seattle Super Sonics)

    Hey everyone My name is Shawn Kemp, not to be confused with the power forward from the Seattle Super Sonics. I am new to brewing and have been home brewing for about 2 months now. I am very into things that allow creativity and things that challenge the mind. I also do a lot of web design on the...
  17. skemp45

    Lets see your bottle caps!!

    I just got my new caps in the mail and I love them:ban:. Let me know what you think and show me yours!