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    Made a 5 gallon pacific coast IPA, and I’m worried my temp was too high for the first day and a half

    I brewed a 5 gallon batch, and honestly I have been brewing good tasting beer since I started in January. I follow all directions (I am not good enough for all grain), and I sanitize very thoroughly. I even temp control to the best of my ability. However, this batch is my kryptonite and...
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    Priming sugar for yeungling cling kit

    Hi guys, I made a yeungling clone kit and tomorrow is bottling day. I am looking to Yield approximately 4 gallons of this ale (brewed as an ale, not a lager) and I am not sure how to use the priming sugar that came with my kit. They sent me 5oz of priming sugar, and I am assuming that they sent...
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    Third batch of brewing, still a beginner. Directions say to let ferment between 64-72 degrees, my basement is 62 but I have my fermenter insulated

    Is this okay? Sorry for poor quality, it’s in my basement that is going to be remodeled this summer. Its going to be a yeungling clone, and it’s an ale yeast because doing lager is past my capability right now
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    Bottle conditioning my second batch, I have a question about bottle bombs

    I have a wild batch that had a consistent FG of 1.020. I took this measurement a week apart and they were the same FG. This batch was wild, and blew the blow off tube two times, until it settled down for the last week of fermenting. This batch scarred me lol I’m scared of bottle bombs after the...
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    Blow off tube came out, put back in and is fermenting like I have never seen before

    I brewed last night a kit, and I have only brewed once before a couple months ago. My first brew was flawless according to my expectations and I was pretty happy with the results. The batch I brewed last night had another good brew with no problems until I got home from work today with wort on...