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    Adventures in Homebrewing (aka

    My go to Homebrew shop
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    How to wire 240 to an L6-30 receptacle?

    I have this setup now. Can anyone recommend a 220 gfci breaker that is compatible with this setup?
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    Lager Cold Crash Delay?

    I made Bohemian Lager last Sunday. My method is to leave a room temperature until activity and then put in refrigerator at 55 degrees for two weeks. Remove from refrigerator and leave at room temperature for 3-4 days to finish fermentation. Then transfer to corny and cold crash at 35 degrees for...
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    Concur with above post. The only place I buy online
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    "Fotek" SSRs on eBay

    This ought to be a sticky
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    Did I ruin my heating element?

    Just curious, Where did you get that element?
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    Ground Beef Jerky

    Did a batch this weekend. I mixed the mix until it was emulsified. Put in in the Jerky Cannon and pushed out my strips onto the dehydrator trays. I could tell right away that this was going to be different. Laid down nice and smooth. Cooked on at 150 - 160 for 6-7 hours. Perfect
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    Ground Beef Jerky

    I use a dehydrator. I think you are dead on with the mixing. I am trying a new batch and mixed it four 3 - 4 minutes. Definitely could see a difference. In addition I picked up some tips to avoid using anything with vinegar. Will keep everyone posted
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    Ground Beef Jerky

    Ok, I'm about to give up on this experiment. I have a homemade ground beef jerky recipe that really has a great taste to it. My problem is that when after dehydrating the meat it falls apart. In the two batches I have made I have cooked it to long and not long enough. What I am left with are...
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    Running a heating element without a controller: Can it be done?

    When I started out brewing I used a Infinite Control Switch. It is very easy to hook up and I think it is a good starter to electric brewing. Basically the switch work like a magnet. Depending on the setting it is open (allowing electric current to the element) or closed. You use a the control...
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    I have several heat sinks sitting around, pm me and I will send you one. It will cost you a beer. It is my semi informed opinion that if you are using a SSR in a enclosed box everything in the box will be hot. Including the SSR, PID and wiring. I would hate to see any wiring come in contact...
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    Just want to give a shout out to Rite Brew. In case anyone didn't know they are in Wisconsin. Get your order in before noon and it will be shipped that day. What sold me was that I live in Iowa. I always use Speedee as the shipper and get next day delivery. Shipping is always around $10.00...
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    how to strip with stainless steel sleeve on thermocouple wire

    I take a exacto knife with a pointed end and split the braid down the middle to length. You don't need to do both sides, just one. It will take a few tries. Then I peel it back and trim the sleeve with fingernail clippers. As for the thermocoupler wires I again use the exacto knife and peel the...
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    DIY brew kettle element

    Start throwing breakers until you find the specific one
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    Leaking c02 regulator

    I've had leaks in the past from the regulator. Bought rebuild kit and fixed the problem. A real easy fix.
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    In praise of Auber Customer Support

    Been dealing with them for years. Never had a issue. You might pay a little more on the front end but service on the back end more then makes up for it
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    DIY brew kettle element

    I assume your power source will be a 220 volt. With a 30 amp breaker you could use a 5500 low density element and be under the limits. But you are using a kettle with 21 gallon capacity. That's a lot of wort. Plus a 5500 element would be somewhat underpowered. Not saying it can't be done just...
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    Looking for beer gas sources in Buffalo NY

    Try a Fire equipment store. Especially one that sells and refills fire extinguishers. I use our local and it $20.00 for a 20 lb tank.
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    Slow pouring keg

    I had the same problem. When I was done with the keg I realized the dip tube was logged against the bottom. I rotated it a little and problem solved.
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    Dealing with Angry Wife when Upgrading Brewing Equipment: A How-To Thread

    This is what I did. I have X amount of dollars that come out of my check in the form of a allotment and go into a account totally separate from our joint account. She knows I have it and I tell her how much is going into it. I also have a debit card that works as a credit card to make purchases...