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  1. nhwrecker

    Fellow Vets, the VA has vaccines

    Hi All, just wanted to pass on that the VA has plenty of vaccines for any and all vets, at least up here in New England. No age restrictions. If you're already registered with the VA, you can probably get your first shot within a few days. Registering may take a bit of work, but it's still...
  2. nhwrecker

    Membership Expiration Query

    Hi HBT expert users, how can I find out when my membership expires? I looked throughout "my account" but didn't find anything there - I don't know how hard it would be to add that option, but it would be useful. Should I just PM someone?
  3. nhwrecker

    WHat's the best smoking forum?

    Hi all, I've been a member here for 3-4 years, and find it an awesome source of information on all aspects of homebrew, and more, including cooking. I just bought a Masterbuilt 30" electric smoker, and am looking forward to start learning how to smoke. Besides this forum, what's a good site...
  4. nhwrecker

    $3/30 second awesome Harbor Freight carboy insulation cover

    Hi all, Just "discovered" a great deal at Harbor Freight to make a $3 insulated jacket for a carboy that requires 30 seconds, a knife or pair of scissors, and some tape. On sale now for $3 is a cover for a hand truck for moving...
  5. nhwrecker

    AHC Conference Schedule, Easy to Read

    Hi All, The NHC is coming up in a few weeks, and they've got quite a few different seminars available, but the layout on the website sucks. I just finished putting the schedule together in a table so I could figure out the who's, what's and where's a little easier. Figured that others would...
  6. nhwrecker

    2014 National Homebrewers Conference Registration?

    HI All, anyone figure out how to register for the 2014 conference? I thought registration was supposed to open a few hours ago, at 10AM MT, but I can't find a link that works anywhere on the AHA website. The conference Registration page would be a logical place to look, but I can't find...
  7. nhwrecker

    Chugger Pump Customer Service is OUTSTANDING

    Hi All, I just got back from the AHC in Philly. What a great time, with outstanding talks, beers, and exhibitors. I have an electric system in the basement that currently uses two chugger pumps, one has the plastic head, and the other the stainless head. I bought both last fall, but...
  8. nhwrecker

    OK to Transplant Rhizomes? In late June?

    Hi all, I've got a total of 10 rhizomes that I planted last year up here in Southern NH in two groups. They didn't do too good last year, but it was the first year, and I wasn't too worried. This year, they all started coming up in mid-April, which thrilled me. Now, over 2 months later, the...
  9. nhwrecker

    Good deal on New 20# CO2 tanks

    Hi all, as an FYI, I just paid less than $130 for a brand new 20# aluminum CO2 tank, including delivery to NH. I've been searching local for quite a while, and these tanks have been hard for me to find, with most asking about $120-150 for a used tank, and they've been going quick. Just...
  10. nhwrecker

    Tripping the GFCI Fantastic in Kal Clone

    Hi All, I just finished running the power to the Spa Sub-Panel that supplies power to my semi-Kal Clone EHERMS control panel, and I just started energizing/troubleshooting my build, and like A-Rod, I'm striking out, and need some help. I started asking questions in another thread regarding...
  11. nhwrecker

    Dear Snog Tee Girl

    Dear Snog Tee Girl, It's been weeks now since I first noticed you staring at me from the top of the page every day when I come to HBT. I have always said hi, and waved, but you just keep smiling and staring at me, with that beautifully tight black tee shirt, that apparently has some typo on...
  12. nhwrecker

    03 October 2012 Corny keg price comparison-

    I’ve been searching the internet for awhile, and am getting ready to buy 4-6 used corny kegs. I missed out last spring on a club group buy up in Mass where they were able to get some corny’s for $30 each, and since then I’ve been searching all over for the best deals around...
  13. nhwrecker

    Shark Frenzy Mash Paddle

    Hi All, Still in the middle of my basement electric brewery build, but I took a break from polishing kegs and wiring the control panel to make a mash paddle. Thought I'd pick a theme to reflect my love of diving. Cutting out a shipwreck sitting on the bottom with a skeleton at the helm was...
  14. nhwrecker

    Is San Diego Brewing on Steroids?

    I just found out I have to go to San Diego for 3-4 days next week, most likely including staying over the weekend for a Monday meeting. I was psyched, and did a search on San Diego Breweries, and according to a few websites, there are 36 microbrews in the area. WTF? How am I supposed to visit...
  15. nhwrecker

    NH Rhizome Panic!!! Is it too Early in New England?

    Hi All, I pre-ordered Rhizomes from Northwest Hops, thinking that I would be getting them sometime in April. I just got the package delivered minutes ago, and I'm at a loss for what to do. I live on the Mass/NH border, and even though this is one of the mildest winters ever recorded, I...
  16. nhwrecker

    EHERMS Control Panel Schematic Sanity Check

    I posted a request for help last week under Borderline Brewing, but need to resurrect this request for help with my schematic, as I’m going to start wiring the control box this weekend. The control panel will be powered from a 60Amp GFI Spa Panel that’s fed from a 50A 2 pole 240V breaker...
  17. nhwrecker

    Borderline Brewing EHERMS

    Hi All, I’ve been collecting parts for the past several months for an all electric single level EHERMS build, using Kal’s great E-Brewery system as a reference and model, as well as all of the other great systems that have been shared on HBT, and particularly those drawn up by PJ...
  18. nhwrecker

    Stainless Steel Control Cabinet Back Plate question

    Hi All, I'm in the process of putting together all the pieces to build a single tier EHERMS with converted keggles, that is going to be a Kal knockoff. I've got a 16"x16"x8" stainless steel control cabinet that I saved from the salvage yard (for $14). I'm going to have the front panel...
  19. nhwrecker

    First Attempt at Label for Borderline

    Hi all, You guys always offer great criticism, so don't worry about hurting my feelings. Here's my first attempt at a basic logo for our "brewery" still under construction. I live just over the Mass/NH border, and my brewing partner is right on the other side, so we agreed on Borderline...
  20. nhwrecker

    How to prep ground for New Hops next year in New England

    Hi All, I'm planning on trying to grow hops next year in southern NH. Should I do anything now (i.e. next week or two) to prep some ground that would help kick things off next spring? The intended area for the hops is a southern exposure site that's next to a few oaks (that are going to...