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    CT Brewers Check-In

    As part of Big Brew Day, a group from the Underground Brewers of CT homebrew club will be setting up kettles and brewing at Spacecat Brewing in Norwalk tomorrow May 7th 2022 from 9-3pm. If you are local please stop by and say hi.
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    How to use (2) Tilt Hydrometers?

    Can confirm the iPhone app can handle multiple Tilts as long as they are different colors.
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    Homebrewcon 2022

    Reached out to the AHA - here is the response: Thank you for your thoughtful feedback below. After further consideration, we have increased Club Night to 3 hours, new times (6:30pm – 9:30pm) are updated on the website and will be communicated to those clubs that have already signed up. Hope to...
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    Canner or glycol chiller

    Some suggestions for can filling: Cap on foam I found I would lose some volume in the transfer to the canner, even using a gentle squeeze. I now keep one finger on the cap pressing down, then tilt the can so I can get my second hand under it. That way, I can transfer from the fulling station to...
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    Canner or glycol chiller

    It would be helpful to know a bit about your current process/brewing equipment to assess. If, for instance, a glycol chiller would allow you to introduce temperature control for the first time it would be my preference. In my case, I already had temperature control via old refrigerators with...
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    Trying to make a Pecan Flavored ale

    If you want to use real pecans instead of flavoring, I'd suggest a multi-step roasting process to pull as many oils out of the nuts as possible. This is the method (don't recall the original source) I've used on a pecan brown ale: Pecans toasted 300F for 10 mins Paper bag overnight to collect...
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    Anyone Canning Beer?

    I’ve been using the Oktober SL1 for a couple of months now using either the Blichmann Beer Gun for filling off the keg or can-conditioning. No detectable oxygen issues so far, even for a NEIPA canning. A good video to watch is (Bryan Rabe) in which he shows his entire canning process. In...
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    Connecticut Southern New England Regional Homebrew Competition

    Registration for the Southern New England Regional Homebrew Competition (SNERHC) is now open! We are pleased to be a part of the 2022 Master Homebrewer Program (MHP) Circuit of America. Medals won will count for MHP points. SNERHC is hosted by the Underground Brewers of Connecticut (UBC), the...
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    CT Brewers Check-In

    Yes! SNERHC is coming up in Feb: SNERHC – Underground Brewers of Connecticut
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    Trouble filling SodaStream tank

    I refill Sodastream tanks as well off my #5 CO2 tank. Works most of the time - I find that getting the flow is tricky as too much will close the valve built into the Sodastream tanks. Sometimes disconnecting and a second try works. I've also been only filling when my CO2 tank is full: I just...
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    Preserving home-brew in crowler cans

    I would blind triangle taste test an unmodified beer and one dosed with sodium metabisulfate or potassium metabisulfate to see if they change your perception of the beer. Use a pipette into each glass and add an equal amount of just water to the control to keep things even. If you cannot taste...
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    Beginner Hitting a Brick Wall

    Sounds like you are considering most of the key variables: water quality, mash, fermentation, and sanitation. Since you describe your brews as bland and bitter it makes me think you are not getting everything out of the grains/extract in the mash or are not boiling enough off to get your...
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    Leaking sodastream adapter?

    Had a similar problem with my SodaStream adapter - the first CO2 tank I used that came with the SodaStream worked just fine on the first try. When I tried with a replacement tank it just leaked via the adapter and was unusable. Tanks were both SodaStream, but had some differences. Solved the...