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  1. BuffaloJohn

    Stubborn Krausen - relationship to all grain and extract brewing

    I've been brewing for about five years, but have really kicked it up a few notches in the last six months. For one, I've moved to all grain. Since then, I have brewed 7 ales, 5 of which had Krausen's that seemed to take forever to fall. I don't control the temperature of my fermentation...
  2. BuffaloJohn

    Painful, a cheese article on a beer forum on st patty's day

    This is my first time ever picking on someone, but I should think there would be a great article about a Guinness recipe, or an Irish Red, or perhaps how to use nitrogen/beergas. Well, that's my two cents .... Happy St Patrick's Day to all
  3. BuffaloJohn

    Glass 6.5 Gallon Carboy Etched on Inside? Is it Still Good?

    I recently picked up a 6.5 gallon, older glass carboy from Craigslist. Upon initial inspection, I thought it was just in need of a good cleaning as there were some marks in the top third that appeared greenish in color like hops hadn't been completely removed. After soaking in PBW, it may be...
  4. BuffaloJohn

    Temperature Calibration/Validation of Equipment

    I've been brewing for 5+ years and recently graduated to all grain. One of the things I have learned brewing all grain is that everything is far more critical. Temperatures need to be accurate, volumes need to be accurate, weights are more critical, water quality is far more crucial, Etc...
  5. BuffaloJohn

    When is a Slow Ferment Stuck

    I've had an Alt in primary for 8 days and still no break in the Krausen. It was a little cold so I moved it to a different location in my basement which brought it up two to three degrees (now at 68). It continues to bubble at about 1 bubble every 15 seconds. Is it stuck? Should I...
  6. BuffaloJohn

    Kegerator/Keezer Temp COntrol Prob Placement

    What is the best placement in a keeezer for the temperature controller temp probe? I built a Kegerator, or as I'm now learning a Keezer, some 5 years ago. Over the years I have always had a problem with first pour beers. I have a good understanding of how to fix this now, but I can't seem to...
  7. BuffaloJohn

    New to the Forums - Intro

    Hello all! I've been doing extracts for the past few years and have recently graduated to all-grain. With that I have decided it makes good sense to both search for knowledge and share some of mine. I have chosen this webpage to spend time in and learn as much as possible to create...