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  1. mdrose

    Filtering through hops when racking to keg?

    My latest NEIPA finished fermenting - 13 days - and I racked it to my keg. I had done one dry hopping of 3 oz that i had left in the fermentor from day 2 to day 6, using a hop basket thing that removed. Being concerned about introducing O2 i skipped the second dry hop addition and instead...
  2. mdrose

    Dual RoboBrew HERMS idea. Feedback welcomed!

    Hey fellow homebrewers: I’m working on an upgrade to my brewing set up, and would love some input and comments from any of you with some more experience than me in this area. My current set up is a RoboBrew V3 35L and SS Brewtech chronical 7 gallon. Ive made many batches over about a year with...
  3. mdrose

    Dry hopping technique, advice appreciated

    I’ve been making NEIPAs over that past few months, I use a RoboBrew and 7 gallon SS Brewtech Chronical. Results have been pretty good, but sometimes when I crack open one of my favorite commercial IPAs like a Single Cut, Frost Beer Works, etc) I feel a bit defeated because these beers are just...
  4. mdrose

    Newbie question about alc content low, bubbling has stopped

    Im on my second batch of beer, so still quite a newbie. Making a czech pilsner using Mangrove Jack extract and muntons plain extra light spray malt extract. The recipe on the can called for 1 kg of dextrose but i used an equivalent amount of the spray malt extract as the sugar. Wort making...
  5. mdrose

    Need a little help with Fermentation time question

    Hi, I am very NEW!! My first batch of 5 gallons is in my fermentor. I'm making a Belgian Wit, followed the directions in the instructions, and everything seems to be going OK. My brew went into the fermentor Sundat night (about 24 hours ago). Yesterday bubbling out of the air lock was...