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  1. franknbeans

    Tapcooler NanoCanner adapter?

    I was wondering if anyone has used this new setup yet? Seems pretty cool with magnets and getting it off a cart or table, but I wonder how well it holds onto the tops of cans and whatnot.
  2. franknbeans

    For Sale Grainfather Pressure Transfer kit - NorCal

    I bought this setup last year on a whim. It's a neat idea, but I ended up going a different route for my conical instead. It's new in the box minus being opened and played with. I never did use it on my conical. It's been leaning against the wall and I can use some cash to put toward other...
  3. franknbeans

    Help solve my brown ale mystery!

    So a while ago, I had bought an extra pack of Wyeast 1098 for a porter brew just in case (turned out amazing BTW). I looked around and figured I could make a brown ale with the extra packet. I had bought 11lbs of Maris Otter, 1lb roasted barley, and 1lb chocolate malt. Hops are 2oz Liberty, 1oz...
  4. franknbeans

    Grainfather Conical WTB

    Hey everyone, I am in the market for a Grainfather Conical Pro, or with the basic pump cooler setup. I don't want to buy new, so I'm hoping someone might have one they don't use anymore. I'm located in California by Stockton and can travel if shipping is too ridiculous.