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    Make IPA Clear Again

    My concern is not the brewing process effort but rather outcome and marketing. Now that hazy has a BJCP 21C category it will live on and maybe develop sub categories. Too many breweries crank them out young with somewhat harsh polyphenols. They obviously sell well because pubs I frequent...
  2. Group W

    Make IPA Clear Again

    Been checking this thread for years and biting my tongue. I get the NEIPA thing and brewed a few. Nice juxtaposition on WCIPA. However imho the haze craze is just underwhelming. # Lazy IPA.
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    Cold IPA

    My thoughts as well Bobby. The BJCP 21B category could get out of hand if new styles aren’t appropriately captured in the name. When I get a chance to brew this beer, it will probably be with Chico yeast, pale malt, significant flaked rice and dry with a low FG. I feel that would be in keeping...
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    Cold IPA

    Well, I finally made my way to Wayfinder Brewing in Portland to try their Original Cold IPA. What a treat. Other than the obvious use of Pilsner malt, it is different from an IPL or a Brut IPA. The rice adjunct and 7% ABV along with the moderate use of “C” hops makes this beer shine. I plan on...
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    What are you drinking now?

    At Wayfinder Brewing in Portland having their Original Cold IPA. That’s a super clean dry IPA. What a treat!
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    What are you drinking now?

    Having a seasonal WC IPA at Level brewing in Portland. Beautiful, spot on beer! Happy Mother’s Day
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    West Coast IPA Feedback

    I didn’t notice a difference. Over time I had introduced many of the great concepts from forum discussions, to the point that my brew day was getting out of hand. I had the opportunity to talk to several commercial brewers and as a result went on a process improvement mission. I had three goals...
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    West Coast IPA Feedback

    Our process and ingredients are similar. I would suggest simplifying. Dump the WP hops all in at one time. One dry hop dump as well. Less chance for O2. 12 days in the fermenter is more than necessary. You could start fermentation around 63 degrees for cleaner finish, skip the soft crash, DH...
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    What are you drinking now?

    Having an Infinite Riff. It’s a nice beer.
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    Cold IPA

    Never brewed with rice, but the “Cold IPA” concept has quaff appeal. I would want it to finish clear and dry at about 1.008. Probably give it a try this summer. Thanks for sharing DrGMG.
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    How many gallons brewed in 2020

    110 gal in 2020 8146.5
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    What to do with supposed $1,200 Trump-bump

    If I end up with a $1200 check it’s getting split between servers at two restaurants I frequent that need help and a server at another that spent 3 weeks in ICU.
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    For a "softer" beer add Zinc and mash somewhat higher in pH

    Bump to follow this discussion.
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    Brewing sanitizers Virus and Bacteria elimination

    Robert65 makes a valid point given suggested uses from OP.
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    Some kinds of beer give me headaches...why?

    Maybe it’s cuz of the whiskey shots I had after those two beers last night. :rolleyes: Unfermented sugars...?
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    No oxygen dry hopping

    Think of it as an option. Professional operations are using canned hop extract with success. We just need to scale it. Like hop shots. Or keep using whole or pellets. Choice is a good thing.
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    What are you drinking now?

    Sabro inspired Imperial Stout.
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    SS Brewtech Keg Cleaner

    I used a barb to barb adapter with 3’ of 1/2” silicone hose. The OD of the barb is 3/8” and fits perfectly into the blue rubber adapter.
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    SS Brewtech Keg Cleaner

    My power supply and pump are the same (12 & 24). My pump lasted one cleaning session before failing. The epoxy seal was broken where the power wire entered the pump. Since the pump is submersible, I assumed liquid entered there and shorted the pump motor. The pump was replaced free of charge...
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    Vic Secret hop pairing ?

    Been away for a while. I did finally brew a 5 gallon VC/Amarillo IPA back in October. I used in ounces: 1.2 Warrior @60 .5 Amarillo, .2 VC @ 7 2 each in WP 2 each DH Came out 6% with 64 IBUs and I did use Biofine. I don’t see making this beer again. It was harsh and had that eucalyptus flavor...