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  1. Alan Reginato

    This site is dumb..

    I think he could be right, at some point. Using all in flameout/whirlpool/hop stand, if start at 95 C could even bring IBU at high levels, but it's very difficult to get it rightly predict. Anyway it would preserve aromas and flavours of hops. That actually works. So...
  2. Alan Reginato

    Grassy profile

    Try CTZ. I brewed a single hop with only Zeus at flameout, for 65 IBU, OG 1.048, thus a BU:GU of 1,36. Herbal flavours really shined.
  3. Alan Reginato

    Saison tomorrow

    I'm thinking in use Perle in the future. It's similar to Northern Brewer? Can you describe it, in your own words?
  4. Alan Reginato

    When to refrigerate bottles

    4 weeks. And turn around bottles some times if yeast is high flocculant or if you use a solid priming, like table sugar. Usually once at 2nd week. Or you could do more times, if you feel it's necessary. I use a homemade inverted syrup. Just table sugar, lemon juice and water. Make the maths...
  5. Alan Reginato

    What do you use when you squeeze BIAB?

    I lift the bag and sparge with 1 L/Kg of malt, with room temperature water. I add this step just to get grains cold enough to hand squeeze. Asides, I add the FWH hops. Works for me.
  6. Alan Reginato

    Boil time reduction : the science please

    Sorry, I tried to be funny, but I didn't made myself clear. And I had to edit the post several times because got some problems trying to insert the pictures. Anyway, was a splited batch and the first beer was fermented with BE-134 and the second, the hazy one, with Voss Kveik. Because you post...
  7. Alan Reginato

    What are your tips for keeping costs down

    I made some diluted beers, with hop tea (not boiled, just hopstand). Three times, one bottle splited in Two, at each test. I even try add some mint leaves. And turns out pretty good. ABV 3%. Now I'm going to do a large batch. I like the taste of beer, not get drunk, neither hangovers. So...
  8. Alan Reginato

    Boil time reduction : the science please

    Sorry guys, I got some issues trying to post the pictures. It's same batch but different yeasts.
  9. Alan Reginato

    Boil time reduction : the science please

    Bright, crystal clear beers won't be always wired with boil time. 60 min boil time. Be-134 The second it's a different yeast, Same batch, drop like a rock in the fermenter. But did not get clear. That's for @McMullan to guess. Acid and strong orange peel, a favourite of yours. Hehehe
  10. Alan Reginato

    What are your tips for keeping costs down

    I know! The import prices just jumps when cross borders, it's absurd. Fuller's London Pride costs nearly BR 30! ESB BR 35! Regular comercial beer BR 6, for a crap tasteless thing. So homebrew is very interesting, specially if you are in a small town, like me.
  11. Alan Reginato

    What are your tips for keeping costs down

    Can you believe it? I tried once and it's very nice, completely different than any commercial beer around. I may try brew a saison with a heavy flameout load of saaz, because of it.
  12. Alan Reginato

    What are your tips for keeping costs down

    Wrong. I got my homebrew beer, with energy and equipment includes for 5 years depreciation time, for R$ 20 per litre, overestimating it. If I would buy equivalent beer, it will cost around R$ 40 per litre. Everything is f*** expensive in Brazil.
  13. Alan Reginato

    Boil time reduction : the science please

    No, and I'm feeling lazy today. But Wort Boiling - Brew Your Own 60 min is the most effective time/cost process both for hops utilisation and evaporates extra sparge water, wich increases brewhouse efficiency, to a target OG But hot break form at less than 20 min. So a short boil is ok.
  14. Alan Reginato

    Using sucrose instead of Malt Extracr

    Initially I brewd with sucrose/inverted. I got one stalled fermentation at 1.020 when I made a grain bill with 25% of sucrose in a Strong Ale, 8% ABV. Even with a fair neutral yeast, S-33 @ 20 C, got some seriously high fusel alcohol and esters. Headache was a sure thing if you drank more than...
  15. Alan Reginato

    Another noob “test batch”

    Nice hardware! Let us informed about the next steps!
  16. Alan Reginato

    "Saying it in your outside voice" Tips for new members/venting and/or enternainment for regular HBTers

    Some people doesn't like to read. I can't watch videos, they're way too slow to exchange information. And I look into forums for opinions (share your god damn perceptions about), not researching. The last is better at sites and books, like How to brew. Hahaha Also, seriously, don't tell...
  17. Alan Reginato

    Shelf life for grain

    Actually, look for mold or sour taste. Even it's feel like stale popcorn, it's ok to go. A friend of mine, against my advice, brew with malt like that. It was nearly soft at chewing... Not sour or mold detected. And the beers turns ok. And he brewed a quite clear lager.
  18. Alan Reginato

    Brewing software

    You're not lazy. If works, it's call method.
  19. Alan Reginato

    Brewing software

    I tried wort too, works. There isn't some options, but is ok
  20. Alan Reginato

    Brewing software

    It's real nice work. But all imperial units. You've writed that? Congratulations! I brewd with free BrewersFriend. Now I'm using Calcoliamo Birra. It's a free Italian software. Very straight forward. Anyone else knows it?