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  1. PberBob

    Eary/Traditional Root Beer(?)

    Wow - sounds like an apothecary clearance sale! Glad it turned out well. Drink one of those on your way to a drug test and your sample will be enshrined in the Hall of Fame! :mug:
  2. PberBob

    Beer exploding

    I had an issue like that with Diastaticus yeast strain carry over Into a pale ale (Imperial Napolean, I‘m looking at you. ). After the fermentation runs with your normal yeast, the carry over yeast converted the dextrins over time, since they don’t have competition. The remaining ounce in the...
  3. PberBob

    California Howdy from South San Francisco

    Cheers from Fremont!
  4. PberBob

    How Many Gallons Brewed in 2022

    3294.5 + 5.5 gal Belgian Pale Ale = 3300 gal.
  5. PberBob

    Spoiled CO2 Tank - Unsafe or just Unsavory

    Four months in a shipping container does nothing good, but I think you would have noticed moldy/musty smells when you had the open cylinder in your hands. Industrial CO2 is made from natural gas combustion, which is dried, compressed, liquified, and distilled for purity. Sulfur dioxide...
  6. PberBob

    Does anyone line their mash tun with a BIAB?

    I’ve been using a bag in my round cooler mash tun. I also have a flower petal vegetable steamer as a false bottom. I’ve never (knock on wood) had a stuck spare in about 40 batches.
  7. PberBob

    What are your tips for keeping costs down

    I started in college on the cheap. Found a used 5 gal. plastic spackling bucket and set the kettle in the snow to chil. (seasonal brewing only). Moved to better climate and made an immersion chiller with copper tubing, which paid for itself in ice savings in about four batches. I use tap...
  8. PberBob

    What was your first beer… ever?

    First? I have no idea. Anything I could get my hands on.:p First legal beer was Stroh’s back when the drinking age was 18 yrs in VA.
  9. PberBob

    How Many Gallons Brewed in 2022

    Hoppy California Cow Cream Ale 5.25 gal Belgian Ex-pat Pale 5.25 gal 2852.3 + 10.5 = 2862.8 gal
  10. PberBob

    Durability of a tilt hydrometer

    The inclinometer chips in there can take a 1 ft drop on hard surface~ 2000 g’s. With all the liquid in there, I doubt you reached the limit. Does it read out?
  11. PberBob

    Quick hop question

    I’ve had good luck storing leftover 1/2 to 1 oz baggies of pellets taped shut and in the freezer. The aromas seem to hold for about 6-10 weeks. Small samples seem to fade fastest. Vac sealing seems like a good idea.
  12. PberBob

    I'm the new guy from Canada

    Welcome to the obsession! :mug:
  13. PberBob

    New post a picture of your pint

    HB. Belgian Saison Noir.
  14. PberBob

    Keep One, Drop One - Word Game

    Stadium seat
  15. PberBob

    Old style IPA

    Enjoying a pint of Firestone Union Jack. It’s definitely OG IPA. No tropical or even much citrus. Thinking a clone might be in order….
  16. PberBob

    Ever have a refractometer read differently after sitting for a few minutes?

    I’ve gotten odd readings if the glass and cover aren’t dry before I put the sample on it.
  17. PberBob

    Music Match

    Hurt - Johnny Cash. (orig. 9 inch nails) This really haunts me…
  18. PberBob

    Music Match

    I can see clearly now - Johnny Nash
  19. PberBob

    Music Match

    Moonflower - Santana
  20. PberBob

    Music Match

    Moonhead - Pink Floyd (boot-leg)