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  1. Scout

    How long can i leave it in the fermenter?

    I know this has been asked before, but I can't seem to find the thread. First time kegging and i bought a used keezer with two co2 bottles. I brewed 10 gallons, racked to fermenter, and took my co2 bottles to get them filled, only to find they were out of hydro. I dont know how long it will take...
  2. Scout

    Electrical experts, double check my work

    Let me start by saying I just realized I drew my pushbuttons as contacts. If you ignore that, how does this look? Control circuit for a grain mill PB1 is on PB2 is off PB3 is motor stop PB4 is motor forward PB5 is motor reverse Pushbuttons are all lighted Allen Bradley. I drew in ladder logic...
  3. Scout

    Anyone restore a vintage tap handle?

    I didnt know where to put this, but either here or the kegerator section. I'm looking at a vintage Falstaff tap handle on ebay, but it seems to be turning cloudy/hazy. Could this be polished out, or is it *in* the plastic and a lost cause? I'm interested in this particular handle because its a...
  4. Scout

    Are these refillable?

    I saw this on ebay and had to wonder if it could be refilled and reused?
  5. Scout

    Am i overthinking this?

    Im getting a refrigerator set up for fermenting, and like many others, I have a small space heater inside for heat. As a test, I put a small cup of water inside with the probe in it and turned everything one. The result was some pretty wild temperature swings. I figured it had to do with the...
  6. Scout

    Wanted Looking for pin lock posts (Or trade ball locks for pin locks)

    I have three ball lock kegs that I want to swap to pin lock to match the rest of my kegs. I'd also be willing to just swap kegs. Two may be been converted pin locks, as they are the same height and diameter as my other kegs. (One firestone, on Cornelius) Anyone got some parts laying around or...
  7. Scout

    What else is needed in an upgrade?

    Going from extract to all grain, and I have all the big pieces I believe I need. What I don't know is what about the small things, like a mash paddle, ph meter, maybe a scale for hops or something. So let's hear it, what small bits of equipment will I need?
  8. Scout

    How to clean a keg after plasma cutting?

    I thought it would be easy to just cut the top off a snake to use as a fermenter, but after plasma cutting I'm left with this residue inside. I've scrubbed it with a rag and soapy water, and its somewhat clean. Is there something I can do or use to make it fully clean?
  9. Scout

    Bottled beer not carbonating?

    Brewers Best beer kit, grapefruit IPA. I had about 3 weeks of fermentation in a chest freezer kept to about 68°. Up to now I've just set my fermenter in a cool spot in the attached garage. Now it's been at least a month of bottle conditioning/carbonation at room temperature and next to nothing...
  10. Scout

    How much pressure can a faucet handle?

    I am thinking about setting up my kegerator for two corneys, but I already have a single faucet in the middle of the door. I'd like to keep it symmetrical and add a faucet to either side. The third faucet I'd like to run tap water, just a hose into the fridge with a copper coil and then to the...
  11. Scout

    Beer faucet/shank

    May be an odd question, but I am working on some foaming issues and am wondering if I had a longer shank on my faucet if it would keep the faucet colder? My garage gets fairly hot during the day , and the shank sticks through the door just enough to get the nut on. I was thinking, more shank=...
  12. Scout

    Used cornies or new torpedoes?

    I am interested in kegging my beer. I've been looking and asking around, trying to find cornies at a cheaper cost than I can get them for on eBay. ($45 and up, usually) My lhbs has them for about $80, and the torpedo kegs are $90. Should I start with new kegs or used kegs? I've already got the...
  13. Scout

    Non-alcoholic beer

    Yeah I know, why would you brew non-alcoholic? I read a thread where the alcohol was basically boiled out, which left it at maybe 1.5% abv. I'm wondering though, if, rather than removing the alcohol, you simply did not pitch the yeast? Do the yeast do something other than ferment and make...
  14. Scout

    Either a resurrection, or a new build.

    After reading all 600+ pages of the kegerator thread, and 50 some pages of homemade tap handles, I've been thinking about a kegerator of my own. After watching craigslist for a couple weeks and finding nothing local for my kind of price, (Meaning, not $300) I ended up on a three hour round trip...
  15. Scout

    I have a ******* question about a keg

    I have a keg of commercial beer left over from several months ago. It is tapped with the party type pump your own kind of tapper. Considering that it is several months old and has outside air in it, is the beer safe or should it all be dumped?
  16. Scout

    Hi from Indiana

    I just typed up a big intro and then it said i wasn't logged in. Oh well. I just started brewing about a month ago. My first batch is in bottles conditioning, has been for a week, and I think I'll have to let it sit a couple more weeks. I'm itching to brew another batch, and have been...