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  1. Upstate12866

    Hibiscus Green Tea Cider - Cheap easy fancy

    Sorry I had missed the reply, but I'll just describe my process if it's of interest to those who come across the recipe. And I think SuzeQ is spot on with all that great info! These days I am bottling after 4 weeks or so, straight from primary to bottling bucket to individual bottles. So you...
  2. Upstate12866

    How often and at what volume is everyone brewing?

    I usually brew 3 gallon batches, maybe every 2 weeks, but always with feelin'
  3. Upstate12866

    Tia Maria Stout

    Coffee liqueur like Tia Maria can be added to a brew--you may have luck searching for people doing it with Kahlua. Remember that any cane sugar derived sweetness will ferment away so it will not taste the same as adding TM to your glass. But the coffee and vanilla would remain in the mix...
  4. Upstate12866

    Final Gravity

    No need to take another reading with your extract kit. You can pretty much trust your directions for the OG. I had lots of issues with weird readings from extracts, both due to my own stupidity as I was learning and the very real problem of mixing sugary liquids properly. It can be baffling...
  5. Upstate12866

    Navigating the global grain squeeze

    My LHBS closed down in February. :( I've been exploring the world of online grain suppliers and see that I'll be paying much more than I once was, especially for German and other European malts. I think we all know about the global grain shortage on top of the general price increases for...
  6. Upstate12866

    Hello from Cleveland

    You should try some great lakes clone recipes and report back on the ones that nail it! And check out label peelers in Ravenna for really really good prices.
  7. Upstate12866

    Will a single 1800w induction burner be enough for 3g batches?

    If you are interested in small batches up to 3.5 gal or so I think the induction cooktop is a perfect fit. Today I took 2 gallons in the pot from 150 to boil in about 10 minutes, which works great for me. In theory I can do a 3 gallon (in the fermenter) partial boil recipe in like 2 hours or...
  8. Upstate12866

    MS Walks rule, but MS Still sucks

    Best of luck on your project!
  9. Upstate12866

    New Member

    I would love to learn how your winemaking from grapes went. Did you treat the grapes with something or do a natural fermentation? Welcome!
  10. Upstate12866

    Wort fermented with no bittering

    Some beer styles that want to minimize hoppiness use very old (several years old) hops. You can get the year's end crop on sale oftentimes, and leave it out for longer if you wish as well. This degrades a lot of the hoppiness. I assume they are still keen to keep some of the bittering/aroma...
  11. Upstate12866

    Hello and how are ya

    Let us know how the elderberry wine experiment goes! Welcome :)
  12. Upstate12866

    DIY BIAB Bag Design Tool

    Thanks, this is awesome for my next attempt to sew one.
  13. Upstate12866

    First S40 brew day

    Boil off is a common culprit for vanishing liquids, as well as things like water absorption into the grain. Looks like you are cooking now! :) Let us know how it turns out. And kudos for saving that water!
  14. Upstate12866

    Old book -- 2 lbs of grain for 5 gallons of beer?

    Hello, I found a fun book in my library, titled "Wines and Beers of Old New England" by Sanborn C. Brown. Very fun. Published 1978, so it's not exactly ancient. On page 57, the author has just explained how malt was made historically, and in a section called "Modern Equivalents," he...
  15. Upstate12866

    The website is working great! /s

    That's a good call. Will do next time
  16. Upstate12866

    The website is working great! /s

    Thanks, but it would be against my miserly ways to allow you to part with your money so easily. Instead, you should purchase your bottles from a local recycler. This will ensure these bottles stay out of the waste stream, and more importantly, it will make your brews look like much more...
  17. Upstate12866

    The website is working great! /s

    Hahaha, it's very true! But I promise I haven't been googling skin tags or juice cleanses. I think that taboola and the gang are known to go with gross, gossipy (intriguing) or sexy content as baselines for their click gathering strategy. If you log out and visit the site (perhaps on mobile as...
  18. Upstate12866

    The website is working great! /s

    I don't need any help though, and this is not me sending a complaint to the admins. This is my personal view. Im not offering this as feedback to the admins in any way. Just so that's clear. I want to make fun of the admins (gently) alongside peers who are experiencing the same thing as me. It's...
  19. Upstate12866

    The website is working great! /s

    That's all I'm saying. Look, if my grandpa can't easily navigate a site without my supervision, the website is hurting itself. The login ad that can't be closed is particularly indefensible to me because it will frustrate and block out mobile users, guaranteed.
  20. Upstate12866

    The website is working great! /s

    I think anytime a screen is absolutely full of ads or the ads get in the way of using the tool, it's worth a rant at least :) For example, have you seen your local news website lately? The overwhelming presence of the lowest tier trash ads says something meaningful about the site's operations...