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    Raspberry syrup wine

    The fun in winemaking comes from experimental batches, 1 gallon trial samples can lead to a good yield the second time around. After confirming 21 brix has been established add nutrient and yeast, airlock and wait. Documentation is the key.
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    Cork look normal?

    That is what is nice about Google it assists us retired people in zeroing on a needed item
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    Cork look normal?

    I order my corks through item# 6-wfir-4524-wc, #9 1.75 long. I found 35 cent corks are risky, these corks run 48-68 cents depending on qty. ordered.
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    Blueberry not so blueberry

    No water was added, i believe hot paks are probably the way to go for fruit juice wines,I am going to do some research into yeast strains, this is another subject that could benefit a wine maker. Thanks
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    Blueberry not so blueberry

    The juice was from a fruit and juice farm, tasted sweet when i pitched the 1118, I back sweetened it prior to bottling. It was still a bit early, these darn juices take 18 months from start to finish, my catawba from there had a good taste when bottled but also needed to mature 6 more months...
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    Blueberry not so blueberry

    So In Sept '21 I fired up a Blueberry juice. Using1118 yeast everything was going at normal pace, 1st rack in Oct. 2nd rack Feb. Bottled in July '22, the Blueberry was non existent, tasted like a concord blend, will the Blueberry come out in spring '23 or am I going to try another Blueberry...
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    If primary fermentation stalls, is there a risk of oxidation?

    Key to the starting process is to avoid contamination, having the proper seal (bung and airlock) prior to startup is paramount, as fermentation begins a larger amount of airspace is required to permit release of gasses from primary, as fermentation slows so does the release of gasses which...
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    Wine berry wine making for rookie

    Depending on how many years a person has in wine making. Kits are a good starter to get some feel for the trade, juices are a step deeper into the making experience, but do take 2 years to mature compared to kits at 4 months
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    Costco wine kit - waste of money or not??

    My wine tasting room
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    Costco wine kit - waste of money or not??

    I would assume the cosco kits generate a red and white table wine level wine, the red may turn out better if 12 grams of oak is added at secondary racking, the old saying a 150 dollar red kit will take medals in a tasting contest, a 50 dollar kit not so much
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    had to move it to secondary too early

    Secondary would be the last stage of adding any flavor or oak. If you perform a 3rd racking in 2 months this will help drop remaining suspension. Just add So2 to 3rd racking and wait a couple more months. You should have a clear mature wine ready to bottle
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    Why would you rack from Primary to Secondary before fermentation in complete?

    Depending on the varietal, secondary racking can be done in 3 weeks for country or sweet wines or go 4-5 weeks for dry reds. Depending on a successful startup and SG. Juice is still working in secondary unless sorbate is added
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    "Hot" Peach Wine

    Purchase a can of peaches and add the syrup to the hooch
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    Racked to secondary too soon

    Kits rely on proper combination of yeast and sugars to start primary action chitostan is a clarifier and flavor pack is sugar, if you left behind quite a bit of lees, the juice may not have sufficient yeast/sugar to finish and the abv. may be short, I would check brix level ensure 21 is met &...
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    Wine fizzing and reading of 1.000

    Can't hurt to go 2 to 3 weeks before racking depending on the type of juice, you can always post sweeten prior to bottling
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    Weird hydrometer reading, help!

    This whole math thing is making me thirsty
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    How does one create a wine recipe?

    Start up is basic with 21brix (10% alcohol I discover after 2nd racking the wine gives a true sweetness taste, I will post sweeten just before bottling, using 1 cup dissolved sugar for semi sweet and 2 cups dissolved for sweet
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    Wine building pressure but no release.

    It shouldt be aggressively bubbling for more than 24 hrs no bacteria will enter if positive pressure release is happening, sometimes the grommet will allow gas to escape I wrap 3 layers of masking tape around the area of airlock that will merge with grommet that seems to ensure good seal
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    Do I need to use the whole packet of yeast for one gallon?

    Assuming your juice is at 21 brix or more, half a packet (2 gr.) is plenty, ensure juice is at 22 C. Kits instruct to pitch dry yeast, I experienced a slow startup with 2 kits recently so I would add 2 grams of dry to 1oz. of warm water and let set 10 min. then pitch
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    1st time wine maker question

    Cab sav has changed in the last 15 years. It used to be a brother to merlot or chianti but the last decade it has dropped out of the oak, tobacco finish category and become a flat red table wine, better to stay in that category when topping off.