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  1. orono

    Outdoor Kitchen/BBQ patio with beer tap project.

    Looks like a great space! Congratulations.
  2. orono

    Brew shed walls

    FRP works great for what you'll need it to do. Easy to work with (cuts easily, applies easily, and cleans up very easy). I chose the textured panel rather than the smooth panel since it has the increased chance to get gunk (brewing stuff, dirt, cobwebs, etc.) on the panel. I am just finishing...
  3. orono

    Never seen this before

    Hello, Saturday afternoon (6/4/2022) I brewed a 5 gallon batch of Pilsner. I used 10# Weyermann Barke Pilsner and .5# Weyermann Carahell and 1 oz Tettnang and 2 oz Saaz during the boil. I recently purchased a 2V system and have struggled with stuck mashes so for this batch that I'm describing...
  4. orono

    Adventures in Homebrewing (aka

    That really sucks if they don't honor your points! I had around $80.00 worth of points. I called the phone number and the person that answered (a man - not sure of his name) sent me an email with a gift card with the value of my points. I understand that they are now owned (partially or...
  5. orono

    Sold The Hydra from Jaded - Immersion chiller

    Selling a Hydra Chiller from Jaded. I used this about 5 times. It is the standard 20" high model. New they are $159.95. Selling for $75.00 plus shipping. I'm on the west side of Minneapolis.
  6. orono

    Walk in cooler insulation

    Short answer is yes you should be able to use foil faced insulation directly against the existing sheetrock. Make sure you tape the seams. Maybe you can recall if your existing sheetrocked wall has poly (plastic)? Remember any moisture generated or inherent will need to "go somewhere." Take...
  7. orono

    Walk in cooler insulation

    IMO, the type of insulation in the walls will be a factor in your concern of mold. You should determine if it is batt insulation or rigid. If it is rigid, hope it's closed cell. If it is batt, you'll definitely want a vapor barrier (between the exterior wall and your interior wall) although...
  8. orono Free Homebrew Subscription Giveaway!

    Thanks for the opportunity! I'm in.
  9. orono

    Sold SOLD - Walk In Cooler for sale 4x8x7

    I have a 4x8x7 (WxLxH) for sale. It is made with 2x6 walls, floor and ceiling with 5.5" rigid and spray foam insulation. It has a custom sized exterior rated door, 3/4" plywood everywhere except for the wall with the door. The door wall has 1/2" plywood. The floor also has a 3/4" rubber mat...
  10. orono

    My first Keezer (10 tap)

    Your keezer is nicely done. Can you tell me a little more about your brewing set-up and process? Do you do BIAB, 2V, 3V or hybrid? What size batch(es) do you typically brew? Do you store ready-to-drink beer in this keezer prior to hooking up the keg? I'm curious about your current set-up...
  11. orono

    Delta Brewing Systems 14 Gallon FermTank Giveaway!

    I'm in. Thanks for doing this!
  12. orono

    Walkin Cooler TX Build

    I built a walk-in-cooler a couple years ago. Mine is 4 x 8 x 7 (outside dimensions) on wheels. I used rigid (5.5") insulation with spray foam in the gaps. I sandwiched the insulation between 2x6's for framing and 3/4" plywood for the wall/floor/ceiling sheathing. It is very airtight and I...
  13. orono

    Kegerator build: need help deciding how many taps

    My current keezer can hold 8 kegs since I moved the C02 (20#) out of the keezer. Although I am able to leave the Nitrogen inside (smaller bottle on the shelf). I started with 3 taps through the collar but switched to 5 after about 3 months. I converted a chest freezer into my keezer.
  14. orono

    Backyard Brew Shed / Bar

    I applaud your initiative. I have a 4x8 (outside dimensions) walk-in-cooler that I built. For me, here is what I would change: First think of your refrigeration. Mine uses a CoolBot and a 8000BTU window AC unit to cool. The CoolBot is great! The AC unit does a great job at cooling but it's...
  15. orono

    35L Fermenter Package Giveaway! from Keg King

    Count me in, too. Thank you for doing this!
  16. orono

    Ground Up Brew Room Build

    Your build looks great. I especially like the eclectic surfaces throughout your brew room.
  17. orono

    I built a walk in cooler - on wheels

    Honestly, my short answer is "no, not really on the inside of the cooler itself." However, the longer version, not really inside the cooler itself; however, it has crossed my mind numerous times and obviously I have tried taking that into consideration with my construction method and...
  18. orono

    I built a walk in cooler - on wheels

    Thank you! If I understand you correctly, I have done the finishing you are suggesting. The walls, floor and ceiling are all 7" thick (3/4" plywood + 5.5" lumber and rigid insulation + 3/4" plywood) adding up to a R Factor of about 29.38 (.94 plywood, 27.5 rigid insulation (5pts/inch) .94...