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  1. Near-Beer-Engineer

    I'm doing everything right (right?)...But still can't get rid of yeast off-flavors.

    I've taken all the steps. Tried all the techniques. Bought all the equipment... But I still get a slight (subtle, but noticeable), off-flavor from my yeast in pale/light beers. I've been brewing all-grain for years and have made some great beers (including some medal winners) - but the issue...
  2. Near-Beer-Engineer

    Suggestions on Dry Hopping 5 One Gallon Fermentors

    A couple weeks ago I brewed up an experiment to get a bit more familiar with some hop varieties. I made 5 gallons of a standard pale ale (bittered with Magnum), but then near the end of the boil split the batch into 5 one gallon batches, each with different finishing hops (cent/cascade...
  3. Near-Beer-Engineer

    Carbonating Bottles by Adding Only Water...?

    I'll be honest, this is my first mead (although I've done several batches of beer before). I've got my mom hooked on all this fermentation stuff, so we're gonna try to make a sweet mead together. My understanding of sweet meads is that plenty of sugar (honey) is added, and the yeast (Wyeast...
  4. Near-Beer-Engineer

    How Do I Make My Mouth Smarter? (Sensory Perception)

    My taste buds are, for lack of a better word, dumb. They know when they like something, and definitely know when they don't, but that's about all they're good for. My goal is to improve my sensory perception skills so I can actually identify and categorize off-flavours, and be able to pick...
  5. Near-Beer-Engineer

    Help Me Improve My All-Grain Brew Process

    I've been brewing for a few years now and made the switch to all grain about 6 months ago, however I don't have anyone to brew with and so haven't been exposed to many other processes/ideas (other than the stuff shared on this site). My beer is pretty good, but my philosophy is there's always...
  6. Near-Beer-Engineer

    Immersion Wort Chiller Calculator

    Hey Guys, I'm a brand new member here but frequent lurker of posts. I'm a Chemical Process Engineering student in my final year of undergrad at Queen's U in Ontario, Canada, and homebrewing has been a passion of mine for just over a year. I have about 3 (extract) batches under my belt, and...