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    Starter necessary?

    This question has been asked before but I didn't get much of an answer. I harvested yeast from a previous brew, which was about 2 months ago. I harvested it after bottling and used half of the harvest in my next brew which was just one week later. That beer fermented really well and quickly. I...
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    Re-using yeast

    So my recent brew should be ready to be bottled this weekend (it will then be two weeks since it was brewed). I want to do another one and I was thinking I should be okay to bottle it, say Saturday, and brew the next batch on Sunday and just reuse the "old" yeast as it, right? It may have a bit...
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    Mashing at single temperature vs step mashing

    Hi guys it's been a while but I just ordered hops and grains for some new brews! My partner wanted to try some of the brew dog recipes so I thought, why not. I'm not a beer brew expert at all but I've had some successful brews. I usually do step mashing with rests at several different...