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  1. LJvermonster

    Harvested Yeast - Still Good?

    Good day folks! I brewed a batch back in May 2021 and harvested the Conan yeast. Visually to me it doesn't look good but does anyone have experience with using harvested yeast after a year? It was stored in a fridge for the last year. I don't like the black color film on the top. Thoughts...
  2. LJvermonster

    High FG

    Hi Folks, Switched to eBIAB this year and my FG is terrible. Brewed twice. First OG was 1. 050 second was 1.063 and FG were 1.020 and 1.022. Yeast was a new Conan pack. I have had some challenges with mash temp - it could have been high in the low 160s. My pH has been in the 4.8 range...
  3. LJvermonster

    Tower Only Purchase - No Facuets

    Hi team awesome (you guys)! I am looking to buy JUST a 2 faucet tower without the faucets. I have looked online but have had no luck. Does anyone know where I can find this? I have a bunch of extra faucets and I don't want to buy new.
  4. LJvermonster

    E-Keggle BIAB - Bag Off Element?

    Hi All, I made an E-Keggle and want to do BIAB. I looked for examples how to keep the bag off the element but everything was from 10 years ago. Was wondering if anyone had any good modern solutions to keep the bag off the element? All and any help is very much appreciated!
  5. LJvermonster

    Fermented Session IPA still good?

    Hi all, I brewed an BIAB IPA 6/14/20 and it seemed like it was going to be terrible, 1st time BIAB, OG was supposed to be 1.061, actual OG was 1.040. I fermented it anyways and then kind of forgot about it. It's been sitting at 70 degree constant for the last 3 1/2 months. Is the beer...
  6. LJvermonster

    Harvested Yeast - what now?

    Hi all! I collected 6 smaller 8oz jars and this 32oz jar. Usually I just pour off the beer and the first two layers and make a starter with the yeast. I've never collected 32 oz jar before. Do I just do the same thing? Will that be too much yeast for a 7% Ipa?
  7. LJvermonster

    Brew commander probe in existing 1/2" FNPT

    Hi all, Just got a brew commander and trying to install while drilling as few holes as possible. Is there a way to install this probe into an existing 1/2" FNPT bulkhead? Really dont want to have to drill another 1/2" hole for the temp probe assembly that came with the brew commander...
  8. LJvermonster

    Electric Brewing Supply vs DIY?

    Hi All, Seems every eBIAB DIY panel I've seen, almost everyone ends up spending more than $600 for the panel itself. Is there any reason not to go to Electrical Breweing Supply and get this panel? Thanks...
  9. LJvermonster

    One Month Old Starter

    Hi all, I made a starter about a month ago and never used it. This is how it has been stored in the fridge. Think this is still good? Thanks!
  10. LJvermonster

    Yeast Harvested Now What?

    Hi All, Attached is a photo of my first attempt at harvesting yeast from a simple low hop pale ale I brewed recently with Vermont IPA yeast. Is all that white stuff yeast? If it is, how do I use this in my next batch? Any help is much appreciated!
  11. LJvermonster

    Electric Burner For Basement Brewing

    Hi all! Looking to get an electric Burner for my basement this winter and was looking for suggestions. Anything I need to look out for? Cheers!
  12. LJvermonster

    Technique to add grain to strike water solo

    Hi all, I often brew alone and every time I have to add the grains to the strike water I am longing for an extra set of hands. My current method is rest the bucket on the edge of the mash tun and with on hand and stir in the grains with the other. While this works its a pain in the @$$...
  13. LJvermonster

    Dry Hop Gone Bad

    Hi everyone! For the life of me I cannot get a dry hop to work out. Every time I dry hop, day one and two after kegging the beer smells and tastes amazing! I mean, a 10 out of 10. Then after a couple days the beer loses its aroma and starts tasting not so great. I have confirmed the...
  14. LJvermonster

    Cleaning Dry Hop Filter Before Use

    Hi folks! Just got one of these sweet hop strainers and was wondering how I should clean this before using? Should I boil it? Put in in star San? Thanks in advance!
  15. LJvermonster

    IPA Malt Build

    Good day folks! I'm brewing tomorrow and am going for a more malty (nothing crazy) backbone to my New England IPA and am planning the go with the malts below. I'm getting tired of the pineapple juice looking beers. Will this work out nicely? American 2 Row 4 lb 29.63% Maris Otter...
  16. LJvermonster

    Fruit Flies In Air Lock?

    I wasn't able to take a picture but when I opened my fermentation chamber to dry hop my IPA (right hand side of the vertical freezer fridge combo), I noticed some black things in the air lock... upon further investigation it turned out there was about 8 fruit flies in the air lock! The temp is...
  17. LJvermonster

    9ft Feet To Low?

    Hi everyone! My Second year hops are doing really well! They have grown above the 9ft trellis and have flopped down over the other side. Will this be okay? Or should I find more real estate for them to grow? Like across to the other trellis 15 ft away? Thanks in advance#
  18. LJvermonster

    Did I disconnect the thermostat?

    Hi all! I was trying to disconnect the fridge side thermostat on my side by side freezer fridge and when I unscrewed it there was nothing low voltage wise connecting it... is there more too this? I want to see what the fridge side temp would be with out the thermostat on (shutting down the...
  19. LJvermonster

    Snow and Hops?

    So, first photo was a week ago. Second photo is currently happening... my poor little guys... has anyone had actively growing hops then a blizzard hit? Think we're going to make it out alive?
  20. LJvermonster

    Kegerator Thermostat Question

    Hi All, I just inherited a side by side fridge for a kegerator/fermentation chamber and am super pumped. Question is, should I replace the existing thermostats with (2) STC 1000s? Or do I plug the fridge into an STC 1000 Temp control box and have the temp sensor into the freezer portion...