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  1. BrewHack

    Left Over Beer in the Fermenter

    What do you guys do with left over beer in the fermenter after you have filled your keg? I ended up with a couple liters left over. :P
  2. BrewHack

    ITC-1000 Short Cycling

    I just finished a new fermentation chamber build with a 4.4 cu ft fridge. I added a 300W heater and use a Inkbird Temperature Controller ITC-1000 for control. I found I need a Difference Set Value of 1 degC to avoid short cycling (cooling cycle overshoots, causing a heating cycle, which also...
  3. BrewHack

    High Temp Pitch Oopsy

    Tired, distractions... ect. I miss read my floating thermometer. Thought it was 25C, really was 35C. I transferred to my carboy and pitched US-05. Didn't realize what I had done until I moved the carboy to the fermentation chamber and inserted the temp probe into the thermowell. I've been...
  4. BrewHack

    Making Beer

    You can feed the caterpillar and tend to the chrysalis, but you can never predict what the butterfly will look like. Sometimes it's a moth. :mug:
  5. BrewHack

    Joy of Homebrewing

    I just started home brewing. Things are starting to relax a little bit in my area and people are starting to visit again. I've had a few visitors recently. Each time it has been pretty awkward at first. Everyone is excited to try my brew, and I am excited to share it. It's a great icebreaker...
  6. BrewHack

    Same Recipe...Different Result?

    I'm a noob, with only 2 batches under my belt. My friend who helped get me going on this obsession tried my first batch and liked it. I suspected he was blowing smoke up my you know what, but then he asked for the recipe. He seemed eager to have this beer in his supply. He went to the same LHBS...
  7. BrewHack

    Last four liters of Keg coming out Foamy

    Hey Guys, I wasn't able to find a thread with this exact problem so I'm starting another keg foam one. This is my first brew. I am using a brand new kegging system. Once I worked out the bugs I was pouring perfect glasses of beer every time. I'm guessing I have about 4 liters left in the keg...
  8. BrewHack

    Does Homebrew Give you Gas?

    I've just gotten into this hobby and am really enjoying my first brew. I drink 1-2 pints a night... it's so yummy. I've noticed an uptick in farts, voluminous ones too. I'm guessing it's the CO2. I keg at just under 12 psi which is perfect for the APA I've made. Do you guys have the same...
  9. BrewHack

    There Has Got To Be an Easier Way

    How do you guys maintain mash temperature with BIAB in a kettle outside? I'm making 5 gallon batches in a turkey fryer and am really struggling with maintaining temperature. I've tried insulating with a sweater and a vest. Temperature drops 1-2 degrees C every 15 mins. I've tried keeping a low...
  10. BrewHack

    Sudden Onset Obsession

    I've been thinking about brewing for about 8 years; ever since I cleaned out my grandpa's basement and scored a bunch of bottles, plastic fermenters, and instruments. A while back I bought a turkey fryer that was on sale, thinking I would just use the burner. All this stuff sat in my storage for...