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    Blueberry not so blueberry

    So In Sept '21 I fired up a Blueberry juice. Using1118 yeast everything was going at normal pace, 1st rack in Oct. 2nd rack Feb. Bottled in July '22, the Blueberry was non existent, tasted like a concord blend, will the Blueberry come out in spring '23 or am I going to try another Blueberry...
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    No activity in airlock.

    Started an island mist sangria kit, after pitching 1118 yeast waited 48 hours no activity in airlock, I added yeast nutrient after 24hrs. still nothing, then added a packet of red star montrachet and after 4 hrs. it started up. Do I now have too much yeast in the primary and should I increase...
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    Stubborn white zin

    I started a white zinfandel from a juice state Oct 7. Racked Oct. 30, it shows a reddish brown color and is highly active and is still cloudy. It does not have a vinegar odor but a very odd taste. Anyone ever experience this predicament. Maybe I need to let time do its thing.
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    Discoloration in sediment

    Just about ready to do a 2nd racking on a Niagara juice I started in October. The sediment was brown and black. Not good, my geisehiem was done using the same exact procedure at the exact same time with same yeast, the sediment looked white and no discoloration, I sterilize at every stage and...