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    ISO Male Hop Plant

    Just like the title says, I am interested in getting a hold of a male plant. It would be preferable to know what type of hop it is but since its male I know thats a bit tricky. I would also consider accepting pollen from a male if getting a rhizome is out of the picture
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    Winterizing young plants

    We have had a couple good frosts so far this season and I have two plants that were real late bloomers. No cones produced and only grew a few inches but only started growing during late summer. I assume they are still healthy and (hopefully) will come back next spring. Because they are so young...
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    Bizarre cascade(?) plant

    I tried growing cascade last year from a cutting for it to dry up and die. I composted it and used it to fill a hole to find a hop crawling up my fence this past spring. Assuming it was my zombie cascade finally come to life I potted it in potting soil and it took off great all spring and...
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    Oats and Oat Milk

    So I have gone through some threads about brewing with oat milk and had a few questions. I plan on doing an oatmeal stout and using oats as much as I can. Flaked oats, malted oats, oat milk. I have been reading and quite frankly think it makes more sense to just make some oat milk at home...
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    "Pruning" First year plant

    I know you arent really supposed to prune first year hop plants. So my question is a bit different. Right now, my (I think) cascade plant is doing really well. Still potted in potting soil and compost grew about 8 to 10 feet and has since grown really long side shoots. This is my first year ever...
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    Reduced Oxygen Pickup Without CO2

    I want to brew a NEIPA this weekend but have been struggling with limiting oxygen while still dry hopping in buckets. I know the setup is not ideal and I know gas and kegs are the way to go so what I am looking for here is best practices. I have always done 1 week in primary bucket or carboy and...
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    Only burst dry hopping?

    I do not consider myself a good hazy ipa brewer. I have made good ones but never have the same feel as some of the big hazy producers out there and it typically breaks down to the fact that my hop aroma is never as aggressive or punchy right when you pour a glass. My hop schedules typically...
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    Blending yeasts by weight?

    In the past, whenever I have blended yeasts it was simply done by pitching to pouches or tubes at once. I typically brew smaller batches so I am not concerned with under-pitching. That being said, I would like to step up my yeast management and start making blends that are more complicated than...
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    Pro Yeast "Database"

    I know some breweries use yeast we can get our hands on (wyeast, whitelabs, etc.) but there are definitely some who have obtained something different, or created their own. I know the Treehouse yeast is much sought after with plenty of people on this forum doing lab analysis on it trying to...
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    Specific Hops and Biotransformation

    So I know certain yeasts are better at biotransformation than others (London III, London Fog, etc.) But what about hops? Has anyone had any particular luck with certain varieties over others? It is tough to get any information on since most styles that are using biotransformation typically have...
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    Homebrew grain bill vs Pro grain bill

    So I have been thinking about this a lot lately and really just want to see how other people think/approach it. When I design recipes for beers, I typically pick certain flavors I want to hit and then match it to a style I think would work. Once and awhile I will flip this if I am really in a...
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    Ultimate Hop Cutting Propagation Q & (Hopefully) A

    I have tried to no avail in the past of posting questions on here and getting answers. Nobodies fault here, just I think I am going about this wrong. Though I can get rhizomes, it is actually easier for me to simply get cuttings but information online about propagating cuttings has yet to yield...
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    plastic tubing sanitation question

    I needed to rig a blowoff tube together for a beer that had some sour dregs pitched into it. The tubing itself was the same tubing I use for transferring/bottle filling and it had gotten some of the krausen/yeast/floating junk into it while gas was trying to get out. My question is should this...
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    Propagation Problems

    So I recently tried and failed to grow some cuttings with really no idea what happened to them (around 10 cuttings). I was at the LHBS and took off a piece of a two year old healthy cascade plant. I pulled the lower leaves off, put the lowest nodes into well watered but drained compost/manure...
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    Did I do something wrong?

    So this may be a bit early to panic but being a first time hop grower I am anxious. I received some hop cuttings in the mail the other day and planted them in some old raised beds that I cleaned out a bit and added some new soil, compost, fertilizer, and blood meal. The soil seems to have decent...
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    Citric Acid and Sanitation

    So I was thinking of brewing a beer with lemon/zest/juice at multiple points in brew day and fermentation. I think I have it mapped out to avoid a lot of the pitfalls but I just want to make sure Ill be fine sanitation wise. The main acid in lemon is citric acid and I know typically with...
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    Using Sourdough Yeast

    I would like to brew and ferment a beer with yeast living inside a sourdough starter. I have been reading through different forum posts and have seen that it is possible and coming across a few snags. Hopefully someone has tried it or something similar and can give advice. First, instead of...
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    Using Same Fruit Twice

    Like the title says, I am wondering if anyone has ever used the same batch of fruit twice in a beer? For example, steeping cherries in the wort at flameout but then taking those cherries out, (maybe freezing them?), and then using the same cherries during secondary fermentation. I guess my two...
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    Yeast Splitting

    I want to mix to yeast cultures right away. I know people in the past have brewed a starter to pitch the yeast then split it equally among a few mason jars. Does it make sense to put it all in one mason jar then pour equal amounts into batches as I brew?
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    Water Chemistry for 3 gal. Batch

    So I have finally decided to take the jump into messing around with water chemistry so have been reading a bunch of articles and forum posts but I am still a bit lost. I do not know how good my local tap water is but I do not know if I trust it enough. I have always used spring water from the...