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    Do I understand this bulk grain thing correctly?

    Hi, Okay, so I'm seriously considering investing in bulk grain, but I want to make sure I understand the logistics as well as "what i will still need". Backstory: I was working downstairs in my (bare-bones) "tap room" and left the storage cabinet door open and a couple mice got in there and...
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    Cleaning & sanitizing a pump

    Hi, I have a couple of these pumps that I once used to circulate commercial truck anti-freeze in what was my attempt to build a DIY glycol chiller (didn't work) for my fermentation chamber. If I used a BLC (Craft Meister's to be exact) to clean it and then santize it, would I be able to use the...
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    How do I polish a used keg?

    Hi, (Moderator, please move this thread to correct forum if I've posted in the wrong place.) Does anyone know how to clean/polish/buff a keg to make the stamped info more legible? Is it even possible? Thanks, Belgian Samurai
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    What does head type tell me about my beer?

    Hi, So, as the title asks, how do I decifer the type of foam head on a beer? Rocky, creamy, etc. Here are 4 progress pictures of this very hoppy beer I just tapped. I am having issues with pouring a glass of foam and waiting for it to dissipate to be able to drink it. My keezer runs between...
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    The BEST choco-chip espresso cookies ever! (Spent grains)

    Hi, I recently baked some spectacular spent grain cookies. I still have 3 gallon bags worth of grain in the freezer from that brew day and I've made about 100 large cookies. This grain goes a long ways! If you're interested in a phenomenal cookie (that is also fibrous, so don't eat too many at...
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    Why this forum [HBT] is the best!

    I'm posting this here for new members to see. This forum has the most helpful people of all forums! Not the first forum I've tried. If you're new to the forum and reading this, then: Welcome! You've found the best home brewing forum on the net! If you're not new here, thank you for making this...
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    Capping CO2 filled bottles for storage

    Hi, I have a theory and curious what you think about it. Why not fill washed and sanitized bottles with CO2 and cap them for storage until they're needed for filling? They would be ready to go when you want to send a guest home with a couple of bottles or bottle down a keg. A bag of caps is...
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    Can I convert a carbonation keg lid to dispense?

    Hi, I have a liquid post on a keg that will not dispense beer. I have tried 3 different connectors by 2 different companies. I have tried my regular faucet line as well as a party tap, but the beer will not dispense (so, make that 4 connectors by 3 different companies). I gotta get the beer out...
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    Cream ale hops medley

    Hi, I'm getting ready to brew a cream ale, but I'm gonna do some things differently. I would like your input on hops. The recipe is 5gal all-grain. 7# marris otter 2-row 3/4# honey malt 1/4# Belgian biscuit malt 1oz cascade @ :60 S-05 yeast Changes I'm making to that recipe for both creative...
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    Faucet handle resistance really weak

    Hi, This is my first keezer build, so I'm still learning things. Is it normal for the faucet handles to have very little resistance? I mean, I have to be careful to keep from bumping into them or they will open the valve and begin dispensing beer. They are new Ferroday faucets if that helps...
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    How to repair keg post?

    Hi, I've been cleaning kegs today to get ready for some pressure fermenting in said kegs. After alkaline-cleaned, sanitized and O-rings lubed, I put 14lbs of CO2 on each one. One of them has a leak around the gas post. When the kegs arrived, I noticed that post was tilting a little to the right...
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    What about right-angle beer line?

    Hi, Any reason I can't/shouldn't use a right-angle DuoTight connector directly behind the faucet shank? As you see in the picture, it would allow me to snake the beer lines more efficiently and aesthetically pleasing. Would it cause the beer to foam? Also, FWIW, (at the time of this post) my...
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    Pressure fermenting in a plastic carboy

    Hi, So, I can pressure ferment in my kegs, but am wondering about using my Big Mouth Bubblers (BMB). I have heard to only use vessels rated for pressure fermenting, but I was not able to find a pressure spec for this carboy. At most, I don't think I'd be over 35 PSI, so would that plastic...
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    Rubber gasket on keezer lid is sweating

    Hi, The rubber gasket on my keezer lid is sweating profusely. Before the humid summer began here in the Midwest, I thought it was an air leak with the lid not sealing properly, but often, I find there was/is a strong suction to overcome in opening the lid, so now I'm wondering if it's merely...
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    How to go from 5mm duotight to 3/8" barb

    Hi, First off, I love this duotight and EVA-Barrier system for both liquid & gas lines. I may post about my experience with it in the future. I'm getting ready to purchase the iTap bottle filler, but I want to run my methodology for connecting a 5mm EVA-Barrier line to a 3/8" barb fitting on...
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    The world's ugliest beer: Let's adjust the recipe

    haha Hi. So, I brewed the world's ugliest beer. Let's talk about it! :p The recipe is a Belgian citrus wheat ale. Having recently finished my keezer build, buying a new kettle and moving from LME kits to BIAB recipes, I wanted to do a all-grain recipe. Now, I found the conversion for LME to DME...
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    What is this in my new kettle?

    Hi, First time using this new "Mega pot" kettle. I just filled it with 5 gallons of water, albeit, lime heavy tap water and brought to a near boil, before turning of the burner and propane tank to run to the store to get spring water. Upon returning just now, I noticed this in the bottom of my...
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    Dry storage for grain

    Hi, I've been reading a lot of stuff on buying grain in 50lbs allotments. The issue I'm dealing with is humid climate and a damp basement floor if it rains really hard for a day or two. Obviously, I would need an air tight container to store the grains, but what about food grade bags (Like...
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    Beer line length

    Ok, I know there are so many posts on this topic, some of which I've read, but I'm still trying to wrap my mind around it. From what I've gathered, it is dependent on beer style (FG) as well keezer temp, but let's I don't want to complicate it with long mathematical equations. I heard that...
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    Where is my regulator leaking?

    Hi, I have installed this new regulator per the instructions (my first time), but the pressure is dropping ever so slowly. I opened up the CO2 tank nozzle slowly and got the regulator pressure set to 12psi and locked that knob in place. The CO2 tank is wide open now. I made up a warm soapy cup...