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    Milk Stout bottling recommendation

    Hey folks, I've searched the forum and am now completely confused. :-) I'm brewing a milk stout from extract (More Beer) and wondering when I should bottle. I've seen everything from 10 days to 8 weeks. What's your recommendation? How do I know if its too soon (no hydrometer)? What if I...
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    Wort in Airlock

    Thanks, everyone for the suggestions. Airlock swapped with a new clean one. BTW, how much head space is too much head space? Any rule of thumb? This is only my second brew.
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    Wort in Airlock

    Thanks. I do have an extra. It's out of the light (no windows), in the basement. The only light is when I go down there to check it or do some laundry.
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    Wort in Airlock

    I think I'm OK but need some advice. I just started a batch of milk stout. All was well (for two days). I just went to check on the brew and there is wort in my airlock. I read on some other posts to just swap out the airlock or extend it with a tube into a bucket of water. Won't that...