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    Wanted WTB Ball Lock Kegs

    I’m located on the VT/NH border but will pay shipping to 05088. Looking for 2-4 5 gallon and 1-2 3 gallon. Please reply to thread if you PM me. Thanks in advance!
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    Controller troubleshooting help

    A few of you have helped me get my second hand diy 50A controller up and running. It’s done probably 8 batches without a hitch since I got it going earlier this year. I installed a hop stopper from Kal this week—moving my element slightly (I’m talking the end of it away from the TC fitting less...
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    Help with Mash Efficiency/Sparge

    I've done 4 batches on my eHERMS system--2 5g and 2 10g. The latest batch, a German pils, was 10 gallons. I sparged at a rate of 1 quart/minute--held pretty consistently throughout--and had a final runnings of 1.035. My MLT has a false bottom and the outlet is simply a port on the side--there...
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    Full volume mash efficiencies?

    I have a 10 gallon eHERMS system but am starting to develops recipes to move to the pro side in the next few years and am brewing 5 gallons most of the time. My first brew at the 5 gallon size was terrible with really bad efficiencies and I collected way too much wort due to a problem in beer...
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    Liberty 404 help

    I’ve got a liberty 404 pump I just installed…the sink I had installed had a lot of soap spilled on it so when I tested the drainage the suds backed up into the other side of the sink and also up the vent (which is about 6-8” above the bottom of the sink). Should I be concerned about this? I have...
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    34/70 help

    I went to pitch my starter of 34/70 (two packets started up into 10 gallons of 1049 Pilsner) and there was a fruit fly in the starter! Dumped that and started over. Went to a place locally that sells a few things and found two packets sitting warm on a shelf—great. So right now, it is 30 hours...
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    First brew with eHERMS

    Finally got around to doing my first brew with my eHERMS system. Since November I had been converting my propane blichmann tower of power system over to an electric one. Ive got a 50A 3 vessel system similar to the electric brewery. Ive got a few challenges that came up: 1) People who use a...
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    Brew Stand Water Plumbing Help

    I've got a three vessel EHERMS system waiting for water in my basement--similar to an electric brewery setup. I have a kitchen sink mounted in a bathroom vanity I ripped out of a house to the left of the stand. I'm finally ready to plumb some water to it. Eventually I want to do an RO system...
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    Vermont Blichmann Burner

    I’ve got this burner I’d like to get rid of. $50 local pickup only around Lebanon NH. Not sure which model it is but it’s a great burner.
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    Vermont Synergy brewing brew stand (propane)

    I’ve got a two tier synergy brewing stand with two burners built in. I’m building an electric system in my basement so sorry for the mess. It has the gas line plumbed so you just need one tank to run both burners. It worked great for me. I used the tower of power to control it but you could...
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    Pump for basement sink?

    I'm looking for recommendations for a pump to get waste water from a utility sink I'm installing in my basement. I saw some on Amazon that can handle solids (I'm thinking hops/tub/yeast gunk) but it looked like they were housed in a 6 gallon container--which I don't want in my sink cabinet or...
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    Supply wiring help

    I have a home built in the 1940s. The original 3 prong dryer plug (pictured) is the supply I wanted to tie into this line somehow so I don’t have to run a line all the way back to the panel to save some money. This may be a fallacy to be honest. Anyway, the ground for the house is about 18” from...
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    What size hole for a hot rod element?

    Need to get over to the hardware store to pick up either a punch or a bit to drill the hole tonight but I haven’t been able to find anywhere what size hole I need to drill. Help?!
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    WTB S/S HERMS coil for 15 gal kettle

    Title says it all--might not be worth it with current shipping prices but I figured I'd give it a shot. Preferably one with 1/2" npt or bulkhead fittings on the end.
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    Wiring schematic help

    Hi All, I bought a partially built panel off another HBTer and want to change the plans. I, however, don’t have the experience to plan out the diagram effectively. I attached what I’ve been working with: 240V 50A panel with two pumps and two 5500v elements. The original plan was to run the HLT...
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    Panel wiring help

    Hi, I bought a partially built 50AMP panel off a fellow HBT’er and I’m working on putting it together. The contactors used to power the elements don’t have enough space to power the 10AWG wire plus the 14AWG wire that will go to the light.The only thought I had was to put a wirenut in there but...
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    More beer sparge arm

    More beer sparge arm for sale. Works great but I went with more automation. $75 shipped (and shipping is expensive if you haven’t done any lately).
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    240 to 120?

    I've been looking at RIMS tubes that are prewired for 240 and I want to run them at 120. If I have something that is prewired already, is there a way to run 120V power to it without rewiring the element enclosure itself? IE a hotpot or something similar?
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    Electric System Parts

    Hi, I'm putting together an electric system and am looking to buy anything and everything needed. Elements, PID, SSR, Heat Sink, etc...240 50amp is what I am planning on. Thanks!
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    Blichmann Tower of Power Gas Controllers w/ temp sensors, igniters, and solenoid valves

    Hi, I've got two older model tower of power gas controllers with the temp sensors, ignitors, and solenoid valves to go with them. There is nothing wrong with them--I live in northern New England and am switching to electric so I can brew inside. Asking $360 for each or $700 for both. Will...