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    Fermenting Question!

    I measured it at 60 degrees last night and this morning. So that seems to be fine for the IPA, but will the pilsner need to be somewhere colder? Or will 60 pretty much work for the Pilsner? Thanks!!!
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    Fermenting Question!

    Hey everyone, I brewed an IPA and a Pilsner yesterday. I have them both in my basement, not on the concrete floor, but I'm wondering if I should have them on my first floor or second floor (as they are a bit warmer then the basement)? I checked this morning (only about 12 hours after...
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    Uneven airlock in secondary?

    Hey everyone, first time posting and brand new to brewing. My question is how to fix an uneven airlock during my secondary fermenting? The airlock is currently uneven with the side exiting the airlock filled with more water then the side entering the carboy. Do I need to take it out and fix...